PIC microcontrollers

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12-bit core
rfPIC transmitters and receivers
14-bit core
enhanced 14-bit core
17C-type 16-bit core
18F-type 16-bit core
24-bit core (dsPIC/24F/30F)
32-bit core (32MX)
programmed PICs
development tools

12-bit core
PIC-10F200-DIP   Microchip PIC 10F200 (256 instructions FLASH, 4 MHz, DIP-8)
PIC-10F200-SMD   Microchip PIC 10F200 (256 instructions FLASH, 4 MHz, SMD SOT-23)
PIC-10F206-DIP   Microchip PIC 10F206 (512 instructions FLASH, 4 MHz, DIP-8)
PIC-10F206-SMD   Microchip PIC 10F206 (512 instructions FLASH, 4 MHz, SMD SOT-23)
PIC-10F222-DIP   Microchip PIC 10F222 (512 instructions FLASH, 8 MHz, A/D, DIP-8)
PIC-10F222-SMD   Microchip PIC 10F222 (512 instructions FLASH, 8 MHz, A/D, SMD SOT-23)
PIC-10F322-DIP   Microchip PIC 10F322 (512 instructions FLASH, 16 MHz, A/D, DIP-8, 2.3-5.5V)
PIC-10LF322-DIP   Microchip PIC 10LF322 (512 instructions FLASH, 16 MHz, A/D, DIP-8, 1.8-3.6V)
PIC-12LC508-SOIC   Microchip PIC 12LC508A-04I/SN (0.5k OTP-EPROM, SOIC)
PIC-12C509-DIP   Microchip PIC 12C509A (1k OTP-EPROM, DIP-8)
PIC-12C509JW-CERDIP   Microchip PIC 12C509A/JW (1k UV-EPROM, CERDIP-8)
PIC-12C519JW-CERDIP   Microchip PIC 12CE519/JW (1k UV-EPROM, 16b EEPROM, CERDIP-8)
PIC-12F509-DIP   Microchip PIC 12F509 (1k FLASH, DIP-8)
PIC-12F509-SMD   Microchip PIC 12F509 (1k FLASH, SOIC-8)
PIC-12F510-DIP   Microchip PIC 12F510 (1k FLASH, DIP-8)
PIC-12F510-SMD   Microchip PIC 12F510 (1k FLASH, SOIC-8)
PIC-12F519-DIP   Microchip PIC 12F519 (1k FLASH, DIP-8)
PIC-16F505-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F505 (1k FLASH)
PIC-16F505-SMD   Microchip PIC 16F505 (1k FLASH)
PIC-16F526-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F526-I/P (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-14)
PIC-16F54-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F54-I/P (0.5k FLASH, DIP-18)
PIC-16F57-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F57-I/P (2k FLASH, DIP-28W)

rfPIC transmitters and receivers
PIC-12F675K-SMD   Microchip PIC 12F675K (1k FLASH, 290 - 350 MHz ASK/FSK transmitter, SOIC-20)
PIC-12F675F-SMD   Microchip PIC 12F675F (1k FLASH, 380 - 450 MHz ASK/FSK transmitter, SOIC-20)
PIC-12F675H-SMD   Microchip PIC 12F675H (1k FLASH, 850 - 930 MHz ASK/FSK transmitter, SOIC-20)
IC-RFRXD0420-SMD   Microchip RFRXD0420 300-450 MHz ASK/FSK/FM receiver (LQFP-32)
IC-RFRXD0920-SMD   Microchip RFRXD0420 800-930 MHz ASK/FSK/FM receiver (LQFP-32)
PIC-RF-DEVKIT   Microchip rfPIC development kit

14-bit core
PIC-12F617-DIP   Microchip PIC 12F617-I/P (2k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-8)
PIC-12F629-DIP   Microchip PIC 12F629-I/P (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-8)
PIC-12F629-SOIC   Microchip PIC 12F629-SN (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, SMD)
PIC-12F635-DIP   Microchip PIC 12F635-I/P (1k FLASH, DIP-8, KEELOQ)
PIC-12F675-DIP   Microchip PIC 12F675-I/P (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-8)
PIC-12F675-SOIC   Microchip PIC 12F675-SN (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, SMD)
PIC-12F683-DIP   Microchip PIC 12F683-I/P (2k FLASH, DIP-8)
PIC-16C745-SOIC   Microchip PIC 16C745-I/SO (8k EPROM, SOIC-28, USB)
PIC-16C745-DIP   Microchip PIC 16C745-I/SP (8k EPROM, DIP28, USB)
PIC-16F616-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F616-I/P (2k FLASH, DIP-14)
PIC-16F627-4-SOIC   Microchip PIC 16F627-4/SO (1k FLASH, 4 MHz, SO-18)
PIC-16F628-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F628-20/P (2k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-16F628-SOIC   Microchip PIC 16F628-20/P (2k FLASH, 20 MHz, SMD)
PIC-16F628A-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F628A-20/P (2k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-16F630-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F630-20/P (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-14)
PIC-16F630-SOIC   Microchip PIC 16F630-SL (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, SMD)
PIC-16F631-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F631-20/P (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-20)
PIC-16F636-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F636-I/P (2k FLASH, DIP-14)
PIC-16F639-SSOP   Microchip PIC 16F639-I/SS (2k FLASH, DIP-14, LF analog front-end)
PIC-16F648A-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F648A-I/P (4k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-16F648A-SOIC   Microchip PIC 16F648A-I/P (4k FLASH, 20 MHz, SOIC-18)
PIC-16F676-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F676-20/P (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-14)
PIC-16F676-SOIC   Microchip PIC 16F676-SL (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, SMD)
PIC-16F677-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F677-20/P (2k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-20)
PIC-16F684-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F684-I/P (2k FLASH, DIP-14)
PIC-16F684-SMD   Microchip PIC 16F684-I/P (2k FLASH, SOIC-14)
PIC-16F688-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F688-DIP (4k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-14)
PIC-16F688-SOIC   Microchip PIC 16F688-SOIC (4k FLASH, 20 MHz, SOIC-14)
PIC-16F689-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F689-I/P (4k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-20)
PIC-16F690-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F690 (4k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-20)
PIC-16F716-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F716-I/P (2k FLASH, DIP-18)
PIC-16F72-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F72-I/SP (2k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-16F726-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F726-I/SP (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-16F727-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F727-I/SP (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-16F73-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F73-I/SP (4k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-28) (surplus)
PIC-16F77-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F77-I/SP (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-16F777-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F777-I/P (8k FLASH, DIP-40)
PIC-16F785-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F785-I/P (2k FLASH, DIP-20)
PIC-16F818-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F818-20/P (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-16F819-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F819-20/P (2k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-16F84-4-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F84-4/P (1k FLASH, 4 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-16F84A-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F84A-20/P (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-16F870-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F870-20/P (2k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-16F871-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F871-20/P (2k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-16F876A-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F876A-20/P (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-16F877-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F877-20/P (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-16F877A-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F877A-20/P (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-16F88-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F88-I/P (4k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-16F886-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F886-I/P (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-16F887-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F887-I/P (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-16F887-TQFP   Microchip PIC 16F887-I/P (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, TQFP44)
PIC-16F917-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F917 (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-16F946-TQFP   Microchip PIC 16F946 (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, TQFP-64)

enhanced 14-bit core
PIC-12F1501-DIP   Microchip PIC 12F1501-I/P (1k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-8)
PIC-12F1822-DIP   Microchip PIC 12F1822-I/P (2k FLASH, 32 MHz, DIP-8)
PIC-12F1840-DIP   Microchip PIC 12F1840-I/SP (4k FLASH, 32 MHz, DIP-8)
PIC-16F1455-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F1455-I/P (8k FLASH, 1K RAM, 48 MHz, DIP-14)
PIC-16F1459-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F1459-I/P (8k FLASH, 1K RAM, 48 MHz, DIP-14)
PIC-16F1507-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F1507-I/P (2k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-20)
PIC-16F1509-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F1509-I/P (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-20)
PIC-16F1518-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F1518-I/SP (16k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-16F1519-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F1519-I/SP (16k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-16F1823-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F1823-I/P (2k FLASH, 32 MHz, DIP-14)
$logo[$pic-pic16f1827-dip] PIC-16F1827-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F1827-I/P (4k FLASH, 32 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-16F1847-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F1847-I/P (8k FLASH, 32 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-16F1937-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F1937-I/P (8k FLASH, 32 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-16F1938-DIP   Microchip PIC 16F1938-I/SP (8k FLASH, 32 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-16LF1938-SOIC   Microchip PIC 16LF1938-I/P (8k FLASH, 32 MHz, SOIC-28)

17C-type 16-bit core
PIC-17C44-DIP   Microchip PIC 17C44-25/P (8k EPROM, 25 MHz, DIP-40)

18F-type 16-bit core
PIC-18F14K22-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F14K22-I/SP (8k FLASH, 64 MHz, DIP-20)
PIC-18F1220-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F1220-I/P (2k FLASH, 4 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-18F1230-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F1230-I/P (2k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-18F1330-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F1330-I/P (8k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-18)
PIC-18F242-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F242-40/P (8k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-18F24J10-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F24J10 (8k x 16 FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-18F2431-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F2431-I/SP (8k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-18F252-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F252-40/P (16k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-18F2520-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F2520-40/P (16k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-18F2520-SOIC   Microchip PIC 18F2520-I/SO (16k FLASH, 40 MHz, SOIC-28)
PIC-18F252-SOIC   Microchip PIC 18F252-I/SO (16k FLASH, 40 MHz, SMD 300 mil)
PIC-18F252-E-SOIC   Microchip PIC 18F252-E/SO (16k FLASH, 40 MHz, SMD 300 mil)
PIC-18F2525-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F2525-I/SP (24k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-18F2620-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F2620-40/P (32k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-18F26K20-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F26K20 (32k FLASH, 64 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-18F4431-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F4431-I/SP (8k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-18F4455-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F4455-I/P (12k FLASH, USB, 48 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-18F452-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F452-40/P (16k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-40)
$logo[$pic-pic18f452-tqfp] PIC-18F452-TQFP   Microchip PIC 18F452-40/P (16k FLASH, 40 MHz, TQFP-40)
PIC-18F4520-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F4520-I/P (16k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-18F4520-TQFP   Microchip PIC 18F4520-I/PT (16k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-18F4523-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F4523-40/P (16k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-18F4620-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F4620-40/P (32k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-18F46K20-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F46K20-40/P (32k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-40, 1.8-3.6V)
PIC-18F46K22-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F46K22-40/P (32k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-40 )
PIC-18F4685-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F4685-40/P (48k FLASH, 40 MHz, DIP-40)
PIC-18F6520-TQFP   Microchip PIC 18F6520 (16k x 16 FLASH, 40 MHz, TQFP64)
PIC-18F67J60-TQFP   Microchip PIC 18F67J60 (64k x 16 FLASH, Ethernet, 40 MHz, TQFP64)
PIC-18F6722-TQFP   Microchip PIC 18F6722 (64k x 16 FLASH, 40 MHz, TQFP64)
PIC-18F14K50-SOIC   Microchip PIC 18F14K50-I/SO (8k FLASH, 64 MHz, SOIC-20)
PIC-18F14K50-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F14K50-I/SP (8k FLASH, 64 MHz, DIP-20)
PIC-18F2450-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F2450-40/P (8k FLASH, 48 MHz, USB, DIP-28)
PIC-18F2455-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F2455-40/P (12k FLASH, 48 MHz, USB, DIP-28)
PIC-18F2550-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F2550-I/SP (16k FLASH, 48 MHz, USB, DIP-28)
PIC-18F2550-SMD   Microchip PIC 18F2550-I/SO (16k FLASH, 48 MHz, USB, SOIC-28)
PIC-18F4450-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F4450-40/P (8k FLASH, 48 MHz, USB, DIP-40)
PIC-18F4550-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F4550-I/P (16k FLASH, 48 MHz, USB, DIP-40)
PIC-18F4550-TQFP   Microchip PIC 18F4550-I/PT (16k FLASH, 48 MHz, USB, TQFP44)

24-bit core (dsPIC/24F/30F)
PIC-24FJ64GA002-DIP   Microchip 16-bit PIC 24FJ64GA002 (4k x 24 FLASH, 80 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-30F2010-DIP28   Microchip dsPIC 30F2010 (5.5k x 24 FLASH, 32 MHz, DIP-28)
PIC-30F6012-TQFP64   Microchip dsPIC 30F6012 (44k x 24 FLASH, 30 MIPS, TQFP64)

32-bit core (32MX)
PIC-32MX110F016B-DIP   Microchip 32MX110F016B (16kb FLASH, 4kb RAM, 40 MIPS, DIP28)
PIC-32MX230F064B-DIP   Microchip 32MX230F064B (32kb FLASH, 8kb RAM, 40 MIPS, DIP28)
PIC-32MX320F032H-40   Microchip 32MX320F032H (32kb FLASH, 8kb RAM, 40 MIPS, TQFP64)
PIC-32MX320F128H-90   Microchip 32MX320F128H (128kb FLASH, 16kb RAM, 80 MIPS, TQFP64)

programmed PICs
PIC-18F4455-USB-BOOTLOADER   Microchip PIC 18F4455-I/P with USB bootloader
PP-Fader   PIC 16F628-20/P programmed with fader software
PP-IR-3   IR-3 10-output IR decoder chip
PIC-PROGRAMMING   Microchip PIC programming service

development tools
K-Wisp648   Wisp648 kit: PCB, connectors, programmed 16F648, etc
A-Wisp648   Wisp648 assembled PCB
PP-Wisp648   PIC 16F648A programmed with Wisp648 software
PIC-ICD3   Microchip ICD3 in-circuit programmer / debugger
PIC-WEB   Olimex PIC webserver board (PIC18F452, ENC28J60)
PIC-LCD3310   Olimex PIC18F67J50 module met LCD
DEV-PICkit2-clone   Microchip PICkit2 development programmer (clone)
DEV-PICkit3   Microchip PICkit3 development programmer
DEV-PICkit-serial   Microchip PICkit2 serial analyser
DEV-AC103011   Microchip 10F322 prototype board
DEV-demo-16F690   Microchip 16F690 prototype board
DEV-BFP   Microchip Baseline Flash Programmer
DEV-PIC32-StarterKit   Microchip PIC32MX starter kit
K-DIY-182   USB ICSP-only PIC programmer module
DIP-ZIF28   small 28-pin ZIF socket
DIP-ZIF28W   wide 28-pin ZIF socket
DIP-ZIF40   40-pin ZIF socket (surplus)
DIP8-CLIP-SOIC8   DIP8 to SOIC8 socket-cable-clip
PIC-ProtonPlus   Crownhill Associates' Proton Plus development suite
PIC-PUG   Microchip PicStart+ flash upgrade kit
A-Cable-DB15-wires   Wisp648 programming cable to solderless breadboard
A-Cable-DB15-ML16   Wisp628 programming cable to Dwarf Boards ML16 connector
A-Cable-DB15-MDM   Wisp648 programming cable for the MDM-1 display

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