Microchip PIC 16F77-I/SP (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-40)

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Code PIC-16F77-DIP
Description Microchip PIC 16F77-I/SP (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-40)
Documentation 16F77
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This is a cheap 40-pin FLASH PIC. It is a reduced version of the PIC-16F877A-DIP. Differences: the A/D converter is 8-bit instead of 10, the chip can not write to its own code memory, and it has no EEPROM.

This special price offer exprires when the stock is exhasted.

This chip is in a DIP housing. Suitable sockets are DIP-40-L-(5) (low-cost, flat pins) or DIP-40-Q or (high-quality, round pins)..

manufacturer: Microchip

If you have a .hex file that you want programmed into this chip that is possible for an extra fee. Add PIC-PROGRAMMING to your order, and send me the .hex file by email. Note: the .hex file must be complete, including the configuration fuses.

When this standard chip is temporarily not available I might provide you an LF chip (extended opertaing voltage range) or an E version (extended temperature range) instead. Such chips are fully (upwards) compatible replacements for the plain F chips.

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