Microchip PIC 16F917 (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-40)

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Code PIC-16F917-DIP
Description Microchip PIC 16F917 (8k FLASH, 20 MHz, DIP-40)
Documentation 16F917
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This is the cheaper the successor of the 16F877(A).

This chip is in a DIP housing. Suitable sockets are DIP-40-L-(5) (low-cost, flat pins) or DIP-40-Q or (high-quality, round pins)..

manufacturer: Microchip

If you have a .hex file that you want programmed into this chip that is possible for an extra fee. Add PIC-PROGRAMMING to your order, and send me the .hex file by email. Note: the .hex file must be complete, including the configuration fuses.

When this standard chip is temporarily not available I might provide you an LF chip (extended opertaing voltage range) or an E version (extended temperature range) instead. Such chips are fully (upwards) compatible replacements for the plain F chips.

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