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Linear voltage regulators
Switching voltage converters
Voltages references
Datacommunication / transceivers
Motor drivers
opto-isolated triac SSRs
I/O extension
MOSFET drivers
Audio amplifiers
rfPIC receivers
AD converters
DA converters
IrDA chips

Linear voltage regulators
IC-723-DIP   ua723 classic voltage regulator
IC-LM317-T092   adjustable regulator, 100 mA
IC-LM317-TO220   adjustable regulator, 1.5 A
IC-LM317K-TO3   adjustable regulator, 1.5 A
IC-LM338-TO220   adjustable regulator, 5.0 A
IC-LM1117MP-1V8   1.8V regulator, 800 mA, low dropout
IC-LM1117MP-3V3   3.3V regulator, 800 mA, low dropout
IC-LM1117MP-5V0   5.0V regulator, 800 mA, low dropout
IC-MCP1702-SOT89-3V3   MCP1702 low-drop 3.3 Volt regulator
IC-MCP1702-TO92-3V3   MCP1702 low-drop 3.3 Volt regulator
IC-78L05-TO92   5V regulator, 100 mA
IC-7805-TO220   5V regulator, 1000 mA
IC-7809-TO220   9V regulator, 1000 mA
IC-7812-TO220   12V regulator, 1000 mA
IC-7815-TO220   15V regulator, 1000 mA
IC-7824-TO220   24V regulator, 1000 mA
IC-LM2931AZ5-TO92   5V regulator, 100 mA, low dropout
IC-LM2940CT-5-TO220   5V regulator, 1 A, low dropout

Switching voltage converters
IC-LM2623AMMCT   SMD DC/DC Boost Converter
IC-LM3578   MC3578 switching regulator
IC-NCP1400ASN25T1   SMD DC/DC 2.5V out Boost Converter for 1 or 2 batteries
IC-L4960   LM4960 step-down switching regulator
IC-ICL7660-DIP   ICL7660 switched-capacitor voltage converter
IC-MC34163-DIP   MC34163 3A switching regulator
IC-MC34166   MC34166 3A switching regulator
IC-MC34063-DIP   MC34063 (or equivalent) 1.5A switching regulator
IC-SP6641B-5V-SMD   EXAR SMS DC-DC converter
IC-MCP1624-SMD   MCP1624 step-up voltage regulator
IC-MCP1640-SMD   MCP1640 step-up voltage regulator

Voltages references
IC-MCP1541   MCP1541 4.096 Volt reference
IC-MCP1525   MCP1525 2.50 Volt reference
IC-LM336-2V5   LM336 2.5 Volt reference
IC-LM336-5V0   LM336 5.0 Volt reference
IC-TL431-TO92   TL431 adjustable shunt regulator

Datacommunication / transceivers
IC-MC1489-DIP   MC1489 RS232 receiver (or equivalent)
IC-232-DIP   Maxim MAX232 or equivalent, + 4 * elco
IC-SP485-DIP   SP485 or equivalent, DIP behuizing
IC-SN75176B-DIP   SN75176B or equivalent, DIP
IC-SN75179-DIP   SN75179B or equivalent
IC-MCP201-DIP   LIN transceiver
IC-MCP201-SMD   LIN transceiver
IC-MCP2515-DIP   CAN controller, SPI interface
MOD-MCP2515-01   CAN controller module, SPI interface
IC-MCP2551-DIP   CAN transceiver
IC-MCP2551-SMD   CAN transceiver
IC-FT232RL-SMD   FT232RL USB-to-serial interface chip
IC-FT2232-SMD   FT2232D USB dual serial/parallel interface chip
IC-RTL8019AS-SMD   RTL8019AS Ethernet controller
IC-ENC28J60-DIP   ENC28J60 SPI Ethernet controller
IC-ENC28J60-SMD   ENC28J60 SPI Ethernet controller

IC-TC74-A5   TO220 temperature sensor with I2C interface
IC-TC74-A7   TO220 temperature sensor with I2C interface
IC-LM35DZ   LM35 precision centigrade temperature sensor, 0..100 C
IC-DS18B20   temperature sensor with Dallas 1-wire interface
SENSOR-DS18B20   temperature sensor module with Dallas 1-wire interface
IC-DS18S20   temperature sensor with Dallas 1-wire interface
IC-DS1822-TO92   temperature sensor with Dallas 1-wire interface
IC-DS1822-SOIC   temperature sensor with Dallas 1-wire interface
IC-TCN75-SMD   temperature sensor with I2C interface
IC-TCN75A-SMD   temperature sensor with I2C interface
IC-LM335   LM335 temperature sensor
IC-LM335-SOIC   LM335 temperature sensor
MLX90614   MLX90614BAA IR thermometer
IC-ADXL311   ADXL311 dual-axis accelerometer
MOD-ADXL345   Small PCB with an ADXL345 I2C/SPI dual-axis accelerometer
$logo[$pic-mod-mpu-6050] MOD-MPU-6050   MP-6050 six-axis accelerometer/gyro
SENS-HCH-1000   capacitive humidity sensor
SENS-HIH-5030   radiometric humidity sensor
MOD-DHT11-01   DHT11 humidity sensor
IC-MPX2050GP   Motorola MPX2050D pressure sensor
IC-MPX4115AP   Freescale IC-MPX4115AP pressure sensor
IC-PRES-01   Motorola relative pressure sensor (surplus)
IC-A3144   A3144 Hall sensor
IC-SS411P   SS411P 3.3 .. 5V Hall sensor
IC-AH1751   AH1751 SMD 3.5 .. 20V Hall sensor
HRF-HDPM01   pressure and magnetic field sensor module, I2C interface
DSM501A   DSM501A dust sensor

Motor drivers
IC-L165   L165 3A power opamp
IC-L293D-DIP   L293D dual bi-directional motor driver
IC-L297   L297 stepper motor controller
IC-L298   L298 dual bi-directional motor driver
IC-L6202-DIP   L6202 DMOS full-bridge motor driver
IC-L6203   L6203 DMOS full-bridge motor driver
IC-L6506   L6506 current controller for stepper motors
IC-LB1648-DIPW   LB1648 dual bi-directional motor driver
IC-KA9258D-SMD   KA9258D 4-channel bi-directional motor driver with thermal shutdown
IC-AN6652   AN6652 DC motor speed controller
IC-LB1640-SIP   LB1640 motor driver
IC-BA6219B-SMD   BA6219B bi-directional motor driver with thermal shutdown (SMD)
IC-TDA7073A   TDA7073A dual bridge motor driver
IC-MTS2916A-SOIC   Dual H-bridge motor driver
IC-LB1836-SMD   Dual low-voltage H-bridge motor driver
MOD-L9110S-01   Dual 2.5-12V 800mA H-bridge module
MOD-DRV8833-01   Dual 2.7-10.8V 500mA H-bridge module

opto-isolated triac SSRs
IC-S202S01   Triac SSR, 8A/220V, non zero-cross
IC-S202S02   Triac SSR, 8A/220V, with zero-cross-switching
IC-S26MD02-DIP   Triac SSR, 0.6A/220V, with zero-cross-switching
MOD-SSR-01   SSR module, 230V 5A

I/O extension
IC-74HC165-DIP   74HC165 8-input shift register
IC-74HC259-SMD   74HC259 8-output adressable latch
IC-74HC595-DIP   74HC595 8-output shift register
IC-MCP23008-DIP   8-bit I2C I/O expander
IC-MCP23S08-DIP   8-bit SPI I/O expander
IC-MCP23016-DIP   16-bit I2C I/O expander
IC-MCP23017-DIP   16-bit I2C I/O expander
IC-MCP23017-SMD   16-bit I2C I/O expander
IC-MCP23S17-DIP   16-bit SPI I/O expander
IC-MCP23S17-SMD   16-bit SPI I/O expander
IC-MM5450-DIP   36-segment serial-interface LED driver
IC-PCF8574-DIP   8-bit I2C I/O expander
IC-PCF8574A-DIP   8-bit I2C I/O expander
IC-ULN2003A-DIP   ULN2003A : 7 open-collector darlington transitors
IC-ULN2803A-DIP   ULN2803A : 8 open-collector darlington transitors
IC-ULN2803A-SMD   ULN2803A : 8 open-collector darlington transitors
IC-TPIC6C595-DIP   8-output 100mA open-drain shift register
IC-UDN2981-DIP   UDN2981 (or equivalent) : 8 high-side drivers
IC-MCP25050-DIP   CAN I/O expander
IC-MCP25050-SMD   CAN I/O expander
IC-MOC3020-DIP   MOC3020 triac driver (DIP-6)
IC-MOC3023-DIP   MOC3023 triac driver (DIP-6)
IC-MOC3043-DIP   MOC3043 triac driver (DIP-6)
IC-MOC3062-DIP   MOC3062 triac driver (DIP-6)

MOSFET drivers
IC-TC427-DIP   TC427 dual MOSFET driver
IC-TC427-SMD   TC427 dual MOSFET driver
IC-TC4427A-DIP   TC4427A dual MOSFET driver
IC-TC4469-DIP   TC4469 quad MOSFET driver
IC-MC34151-DIP   MC34151 high-speed dual MOSFET drivers

IC-4N25-DIP   4N25 6-pin optocoupler
IC-4N32-DIP   4N32 6-pin optocoupler
IC-6N137-DIP   6N137 fast optocoupler
IC-6N139-DIP   6N139 fast optocoupler
IC-CNY70   CNY70 reflex sensor
IC-CNY74-4   CNY74-4 quad optocoupler
IC-PC814-DIP   PC814 4-pin AC-in optocoupler
IC-PC817-DIP   PC817 4-pin optocoupler

Audio amplifiers
IC-LM386-DIP   LM386 audio amplifier
IC-TEA2025B-DIP   TEA2025 stereo audio amplifier
IC-TDA2030AV   TDA2030AV 15W hifi audio amplifier
IC-TDA7050-DIP   Philips TDA7050 Low voltage mono/stereo amplifier (DIP-8)
IC-TDA7560   TDA7560 4 x 50 W 12V audio bridge amplifier
IC-TDA7375A   TDA7375A 2x37W 12V audio brige amplifier
IC-KA2206B   dual 2.3W audio amplifier
IC-LA4192   dual 2.3W audio amplifier
IC-TDA2005R   TDA2005R 20W 12V audio bridge amplifier
IC-AN7522   AN7522 2 x 3W audio bridge amplifier
$logo[$pic-mod-pam8403] MOD-PAM8403-01   PAM8403 audio amplifier module
MOD-PAM8403-02   PAM8403 audio amplifier module

rfPIC receivers
IC-RFRXD0420-SMD   Microchip RFRXD0420 300-450 MHz ASK/FSK/FM receiver (LQFP-32)
IC-RFRXD0920-SMD   Microchip RFRXD0420 800-930 MHz ASK/FSK/FM receiver (LQFP-32)

IC-741-DIP   741 op-amp
IC-LM158-DIP   LM158J6 dual op-amp (surplus)
IC-LM13700-DIP   dual operational transconductance amplifier
IC-LM258-DIP   LM258 dual op-amp (or LM2904)
IC-LM358-SMD   LM358 dual op-amp (SMD)
IC-LM837-DIP   LM837N low-noise quad op-amp (surplus)
IC-NE5532-DIP   NE5532 dual low-noise opamp
IC-NE5534-DIP   NE5534 low-noise opamp
IC-OP07-DIP   OP07CP opamp
IC-OP27-DIP   OP27 opamp
IC-CA3130-DIP   CA3130 15 MHz BiMOS opamp
IC-CA3140-DIP   CA3140 15 MHz BiMOS opamp
IC-LMC6032-SMD   dual CMOS op-amp
IC-LMC6036-SMD   quad CMOS low-voltage op-amp
IC-MC33202-SOIC   dual low voltage, rail-to-rail op-amp
IC-MC33204-SOIC   quad low voltage, rail-to-rail op-amp
IC-MC33204-DIP   quad low voltage, rail-to-rail op-amp
IC-MCP6231-DIP   5V rail-to-rail single OpAmp
IC-MCP6231-SOT   5V rail-to-rail single OpAmp
IC-MCP6232-DIP   5V rail-to-rail dubble OpAmp
IC-MCP6N11-SOIC   5V rail-to-rail instrumentation amplifier
IC-TL072-DIP   TL072 low-noise J-FET input dual op-amp

AD converters
IC-PCF8591-DIP   I2C 8-bit D/A and A/D converter
IC-MCP3550-60   22 bit ADC
IC-MCP3551-SOIC   22 bit ADC
IC-AN6884-SIP   AN6884 5-LED bar-graph driver
IC-TDA8708-DIP   TDA8708 video analog interface (32 MHz 8-bit A/D converter)
IC-TLC549C-DIP   TLC549C 8-Bit, 40 kSPS ADC
IC-ADC0804LCN-DIP   8-Bit uP compatible A/D converter
MOD-ADS1115   ADS1115 16-bit A/D converter module
MOD-TM7705   TM7705 A/D converter module
MOD-HX711   HX711 A/D converter module
MOD-PCF8591-01   PCF8591 I2C 8-bit D/A and A/D converter module

DA converters
IC-MCP4921-DIP   MCP4921 12-bit SPI DAC
IC-MCP4922-DIP   MCP4922 dual 12-bit SPI DAC
IC-TC1320EOA-SMD   8-bit I2C D/A converter
IC-TDA8702-DIP   TDA8702 30 MHz 8-bit D/A converter
IC-TDA8444-DIP   TDA8444 8 x 6-bit DAC I2C
IC-DAC0832-DIP   DAC0832 8-bit DA converter
IC-MCP41010-DIP   digital 10k potentiometer with SPI interface
IC-MCP41100-DIP   digital 100k potentiometer with SPI interface
IC-TDA1543-DIP   TDA1543 dual 16 bit DAC
IC-TDA1543A-DIP   TDA1543A dual 16 bit DAC
IC-TDA1545AT-SMD   TDA1545 dual 16 bit DAC

IrDA chips
IC-MCP2120-DIP   IrDA serial interface
IC-MCP2140-DIP   IrDA 9k6 serial interface
IC-MCP2150-DIP   IrDA serial interface
IC-MCP2155-DIP   IrDA serial interface

IC-74LVC241A   Octal buffer/line driver (3-State) with 5-volt tolerant inputs/outputs
IC-TXB0106   6-bit bi-direction automatic level translator
IC-Si8431   2+1 line digital signal isolator
IC-ADUM1250ARZ   I2C level converter and isolator
IC-TEA2014-DIP   TEA2014 video switch
IC-TEA2114-DIP   TEA2114 video switch
IC-DS1990   Dallas iButton serial ID (surplus)
IC-555-DIP   555 oscillator/timer IC
IC-555-CMOS-DIP   CMOS 555 oscillator/timer IC
IC-556-DIP   556 dual oscillator/timer IC
IC-NE558-DIP   NE558 quad timer
IC-TDA8425-DIP   TDA8425 audio switch and volume control
IC-NE592-DIP   NE592 video amplifier
IC-BA1404-DIP   BA1404 FM stereo modulator (DIP-18)
IC-CD4013-DIP   4013 Dual D-Type Flip-Flop
IC-CD4017-DIP   CMOS divide-by-10 with decoded outputs
IC-CD4060-DIP   CMOS oscillator and 14-stage ripple counter
IC-CD4066-DIP   CMOS quad analog switch
IC-CD4066-SMD   CMOS quad analog switch (SMD)
IC-CD40106-DIP   six CMOS schmitt-trigger inverters
IC-KMZ10B   KMZ10B magnetic field sensor
IC-ICL7107-DIP   ICL7107 A/D converter for 3.5 digit CA 7-segment LED display
IC-LM1036-DIP   LM1036 stereo audio tone / balance controller
IC-LM2917-DIP   LM2917 frequency-to-voltage converter
IC-LM1881-DIP   LM1881 video sync separator
IC-LM1875   LM1875 20W Audio Power Amplifier
IC-LM331   voltage-to-frequency converter
IC-LM8560-NDIP   LM8560 digital alarm clock
IC-LS1240A-DIP   LS1240A two-tone telephone ringer
IC-MC34060-DIP   MC34060 PWM controller
IC-TSA5511AT-SMD   TSA5511 1.3 GHz synthesizer with I2C control
IC-UM66T19L   UM66T19L fur-elise melody chip
IC-P82B715-DIP   P82B715 I2C receiver/transmitter (transceiver)
IC-PCA9601   bidirectional I2C bus buffer
IC-Si8400   bidirectional I2C isolator
IC-MT8870-DIP   MT8870 DTMF receiver / decoder
IC-MT8880-DIP   MT8880 DTMF transceiver
IC-SAA3010-DIP   SAA3010 RC-5 IR code transmitter
IC-TC1240A-SMD   TC1240A charge-pump voltage double
IC-4024-DIP   4024 7-stage binary ripple counter
IC-4051-DIP   4051 8-channel analog multiplexer
IC-4051-SMD   4051 8-channel analog multiplexer
IC-4543-DIP   4543 BCD to 7-segment driver
IC-4093-DIP   4093 Quadruple 2-input NAND Schmitt trigger
IC-40192-DIP   40192 4-Bit Up/Down Decade Counter
IC-DS1307-DIP   I2C real-time clock
MOD-DS1302   DS1302 clock module with crystal and battery
IC-PCF8583-DIP   I2C clock calendar
IC-PCF8593-DIP   I2C real-time clock
IC-MCP2030-DIP   low-frequency analog front-end
IC-MCP2030-SMD   low-frequency analog front-end
IC-LM339-DIP   LM339 or LM239 quad comparator
IC-MCP6S28-DIP   8-input Programmable Gain Amplifier
IC-MCP73811-420-SMD   MCP7381 single-cell Li cell charger
IC-MAX1555-SMD   Maxim MAX1555 USB / Battery switcher / charger
IC-CS3310-SMD   CS3310 Stereo Digital Volume Control, SMD
IC-NL17SZ00-(10)   NL17SZ00 single NAND port
WS2812B-LED-01   WS2812B RGB LED on a small PCB
WS2812B-LED-02   WS2812B RGB LED on a small PCB
IC-MCP120-450D   4.5 Volt brownout reset chip
IC-MC33164   4.3 Volt brownout reset chip
IC-MC145026-DIP   MC145026 remote controller encoder
IC-TDA7021-SMD   TDA7021 FM radio chip
IC-TDA7040-SMD   TDA7040 PLL stereo decoder

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