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tact-type pushbutton switches
switch caps
pushbutton switches
DIP switches
toggle switches
slider switches
other switches

tact-type pushbutton switches
SW-3-(1)   mini tact switch, low (1)
SW-3-(50)   mini tact switch, low (50)
SW-4-(1)   mini SMD tact switch, low (1)
SW-4-(50)   mini SMD tact switch, low (50)
SW-5-(1)   mini tact switch, high (1)
SW-5-(50)   mini tact switch, high (50)
SW-7-(1)   mini tact switch, extra high (1)
SW-7-(50)   mini tact switch, extra high (50)
SW-18-(1)   mini tact switch, low (1)
SW-18-(50)   mini tact switch, low (50)
SW-20   small pusbutton switch (surplus)
SW-21   very small horizontal pushbutton switch (surplus)
SW-23   tact switch

switch caps
SW-23-CAP-BLACK   black cap for tact switch
SW-23-CAP-RED   red cap for tact switch
SW-23-CAP-BLUE   blue cap for tact switch
SW-23-CAP-YELLOW   yellow cap for tact switch
SW-23-CAP-GREEN   green cap for tact switch
SW-23-CAP-WHITE   white cap for tact switch

pushbutton switches
SW-17   pushbutton switch, red, push to make

DIP switches
SW-DIP-4   DIP switch block, 4 switches
SW-DIP-8   DIP switch block, 8 switches

KBD-01   3x4 matrix keypad
KBD-03   4x4 matrix keypad (surplus)
KBD-04   3x4 public telephone keypad (surplus)
KBD-08   4x4 matrix keypad
KBD-09   3x4 foil matrix keypad
KBD-10   4x4 foil matrix keypad
KBD-11   5x4 foil matrix keypad

toggle switches
SW-02   toggle switch, single pole, 125VAC/6A, 250VAC/3A
SW-09   toggle switch, dual pole, 250VAC/2A
SW-11   toggle switch, single pole, miniature, 125VAC/3A
SW-12   toggle switch, double pole, miniature, 125VAC/3A

slider switches
SW-6   SPDT PCB slider switch, vertical (surplus)
SW-13   SPDT PCB slider switch, horizontal (surplus)

RELAIS-004   Meder reed relais, 5V coil, DIP format
RELAIS-005   relais, 12V coil, 16A, 300V
RELAIS-006   5V relais module
RELAIS-007   5V 4 relais module
RELAIS-008   5V 2 relais module
RELAIS-009   relais, 12V coil, 7A, 250V
RELAIS-010   dual USB relais module

other switches
KEYBOARD-01   flexible keyboard, USB and PS2
SW-ROT-01   rotary encoder
SW-ROT-02   rotary encoder with push-switch
SW-ROT-03   rotary encoder with push-switch
SW-ROT-04   rotary encoder
SW-KEY-1   key switch
SW-KEY-2   key switch 250V/1.5A
SW-MAT   dance mat for playstation 2
SW-15   totally weird switch (surplus)
SW-TILT-01   tilt switch
SW-TILT-03   tilt switch
SW-VIBR-01   vibration switch
SW-22   floating water level switch
REED-01   small reed switch
MOD-TTP224-4   4 key touch module
MOD-TTP229-16   16 key touch module
SW-JS-02   small SMD joystick-type tact switch
POT-JS-01   dual potentiometer mini joystick
POT-JS-02   dual potentiometer mini joystick

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