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VOTI Dwarf Board Kits
Other VOTI Kits
VOTI Kits Assembled
Chinese kits
DIY kits
Velleman kits

VOTI Dwarf Board Kits
DB009-Kit   DB009 8 small LEDs kit
DB010-Kit   DB010 8 x 5mm LED kit
DB011-Kit   DB011 analog inputs kit
DB012-Kit   DB012 kit 4 + 4 switches
DB017-Kit   DB017 kit (LCD connection)
DB021-Kit   DB021 kit
DB022-Kit   DB022 kit
DB046-Kit   DB046 kit
DB047-Kit-NOUSB   DB047 kit without PIC, for non-USB PICs (surplus)
DB047-Kit-USB   DB047 kit with 18F2550 (surplus)
DB057-Kit   DB057 kit, no PIC

Other VOTI Kits
K-Wisp648   Wisp648 kit: PCB, connectors, programmed 16F648, etc
VOTI-002-kit   simple 5 Volt Power Supply
K-VOTI-003   2 x 20 W amplifier kit
K-KITT-1   12-LED Kitt display
K-IR-2   simple serial port remote control IR receiver
K-IR-3   IR-3 10-output IR receiver/decoder kit

VOTI Kits Assembled
DB009-Build   DB009 8 small LEDs build and tested
DB010-Build   DB010 8 x 5mm LED build and tested
DB011-Build   DB010 analog inputs build and tested
DB012-Build   DB012 4 + 4 switches build and tested
DB021-Build   DB021 build and tested
DB022-Build   DB022 build and tested
DB038   DB038 experiments board, ready to use
DB046-Build   DB046 build
DB047-Build-NOUSB   DB047 28-pin PIC board, built, for non-USB PICs (surplus)
DB047-Build-USB   DB047 board with 18F2550 (surplus)
A-Wisp648   Wisp648 assembled PCB

Chinese kits
KIT-001-WATCH   LED wrist-watch kit
KIT-002-CLAP-SWITCH   clap switch kit
KIT-003-LM386-AMPLIFIER   LM386 mono audio amplifier kit
KIT-004-BLINK   2 LED blink kit
KIT-005-BEEP-BEEP   2-tone beep kit
KIT-006-LINE-FOLLOWER   line-follower kit
KIT-007-SOUND-BOX   16 sounds sound box kit
KIT-008-LM317-PSU   LM317 voltage regulator kit
KIT-009-CLOCK   4-digit LED clock

DIY kits
K-DIY-3   LED Dice with slowdown
K-DIY-5   stairway-to-heaven LED display
K-DIY-6   roulette LED display
K-DIY-7   3V FM transmitter kit
K-DIY-8   light sensor kit
K-DIY-9   blinking LEDs kit
K-DIY-10   touch-switch kit
K-DIY-12   1-channel light modulator kit
K-DIY-13   sound-activated tape recorder switch kit
K-DIY-15   piezo screamer kit
K-DIY-16   FM telephone spy
K-DIY-17   LM386 audio amplifier
K-DIY-23   function generator
K-DIY-26   fibre optic audio link
K-DIY-27   TDA7052 1W mono audio amplifier
K-DIY-28   voice-activated FM transmitter
K-DIY-30   PIR movement detector
K-DIY-31   9V siren
K-DIY-33   telephone-operated tape recorder switch
K-DIY-37M   5-LED multi-sequence flasher kit
K-DIY-43   relay board
K-DIY-45   2 relay board
K-DIY-46   christmas star kit
K-DIY-48   AB amplifier kit
K-DIY-52M   5-LED sequence flasher kit
K-DIY-55   telephone audio pickup kit
K-DIY-57   ion generator kit
K-DIY-60   regulated power supply kit
K-DIY-61   3 1/2 digit LED panel meter kit
K-DIY-62   PIR movement detector components
K-DIY-64   120 seconds audio recorder kit
K-DIY-66   peltier module
K-DIY-69   microcontroller electronic dice kit
K-DIY-71   microcontroller electronic double dice kit
K-DIY-79   light-triggered relay kit
K-DIY-88   10W stereo amplifier kit
K-DIY-90   stereo 3W amplifier kit
K-DIY-92   IR remote controller and receiver/decoder kit
K-DIY-97   mono 2W amplifier kit
K-DIY-98   mono pre-amplifier kit
K-DIY-102   4 servo controller kit
K-DIY-112   pocket data logger kit
K-DIY-113   parallel port servo driver kit
K-DIY-114   dual unregulated power supply kit
K-DIY-115   stereo 1W amplifier kit
K-DIY-124   positive adjustable power supply kit
K-DIY-125   negative adjustable power supply kit
K-DIY-126   3.5 digit panel meter kit
K-DIY-127   sound-activated relay kit
K-DIY-133   PIR motion detector kit
K-DIY-134   PC-controlled LCD and thermostat kit
K-DIY-136   LED hart of love kit
K-DIY-137   touch switch kit
K-DIY-139   stereo 1W amplifier kit
K-DIY-140   telephone/DTMF 4-relay driver kit
K-DIY-141   12 channel IR relay board kit
K-DIY-146   40 Second Message Recorder with Looping Option kit
K-DIY-148   microcontroller timer kit
K-DIY-151   parallel port EEPROM programmer kit
K-DIY-152   multitimer kit
K-DIY-154   microcontroller programmable downcounter kit
K-DIY-156   dual HI/LO switched relay board kit
K-DIY-157   rolling-code 2-channel UHF remote control kit
K-DIY-158   bi-polar stepper motor driver kit
K-DIY-164   telephone data logger kit
K-DIY-167   FM transmitter kit
K-DIY-168   ultrasonic wind speed meter kit
K-DIY-169   configurable LED flasher kit
K-DIY-171   FM amplifier kit
K-DIY-173   RF serial transmitter
K-DIY-174   RF serial receiver
K-DIY-175   RF parallel transmitter
K-DIY-176   RF parallel receiver
K-DIY-182   USB ICSP-only PIC programmer module

Velleman kits
K-KSR10   Velleman KSR10 robotic arm kit
K-MK100   blinking LED Xmas tree kit
K-MK104   electronic crocket kit
K-MK117   blinking LED Xmas tree kit
K-MK139   clap on/off switch
K-MK158   1*16 LCD scrolling message display kit
K-K2634   quad triac board
K-K8064   DC controlled dimmer
K-MKSET1   set of 6 electronic kits

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