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RF modules
Radio chips
GPS modules
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RF modules
HF-433-TX-01   MX-FS-03V 433 MHz transmitter module
HF-433-RX-01   MX-05V 433 MHz reciever module
HF-RFM73-D   RFM73-D 2.4 GHz transceiver module
HF-RFM12B-433D   RFM12B-433D 433 MHz transceiver module
HF-NRF24LS   2.4GHz transceiver module with nRF24L01
HF-NRF24L01-01   2.4GHz transceiver module with nRF24L01
HF-NRF24L01-02   2.4GHz transceiver module with nRF24L01 and detachable antenna
HF-NRF24L01-03   2.4GHz transceiver module with nRF24L01
HF-NRF24L01-04   2.4GHz transceiver module with nRF24L01 with PA, NLA and detacheable antenna
HF-NRF24L01-CLONE-01   2.4GHz transceiver module with a nRF24L01 clone
HF-NRF24L01-BREAKOUT   breakout for 8-pin nRF24 modules
HF-MOD-TEA5767   HF-MOD-TEA5767 FM receiver module
HF-MOD-RF1100SE   RF1100SE 433MHz transceiver module
HF-ESP-01   ESP-01 ESP8266 module
HF-ESP-03   ESP-03 ESP8266 module
HF-ESP-201   ESP-201 ESP8266 module
HF-ESP-NodeMCU-v9   NodeMCU v9 ESP8266 module
HF-ESP-Mini-NodeMCU   Mini NodeMCU ESP8266 module
HF-ESP-PCB-A   PCB for ESP-07/08/12 modules
HF-ANTENNA-01   WiFi antenna

Radio chips
IC-TDA7021-SMD   TDA7021 FM radio chip
IC-TDA7040-SMD   TDA7040 PLL stereo decoder

GPS modules
GPS-HRF-GPS04   GPS module

Bluetooth product
BT-DONGLE-01   low-cost USB Bluetooth dongle
BT-SERIAL-01   Bluetooth serial interface

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