Obsoleted products - no longer sold

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These products are listed here only to allow customers who bought these products to find the description and documentation.

IC-ICL8038ACP-DIP   ICL8038 VCO and waveform generator
LED-17   5mm white LED (surplus)
LASER-01   laser module (surplus)
MOT-01-(3)   three mirror motor assemblies (surplus)
DB015-PCB   DB015 PCB (LCD connection)
DB015-Kit   DB015 kit (LCD connection)
LCD-01-(2)   two '16*1' LCD's (surplus)
LCD-01-(10)   ten '16*1' LCD's (surplus)
LCD-08   standard 16*2 LCD, with yellow/green backlight (surplus)
LCD-13   standard 16*1 LCD, no backlight (surplus)
K-K8048   PIC programmer & experimenter kit
EE-24C02-DIP   24C02 2K (256*8) I2C EEPROM (DIP)
IC-202-CSE   Maxim MAX202CSE (SMD), + 4 * 100nF
IC-DS1820   temperature sensor with Dallas 1-wire interface
IC-MPX2050   Motorola MPX2050D pressure sensor (surplus)
IC-BA6418N-SIP   BA6418N bi-directional motor driver with thermal shutdown
IC-TDA8703-DIP   TDA8703 40 MHz 8-bit A/D converter
IC-M62358P-DIP   M62358P 12-channel 8-bit DAC
IC-MAX038-DIP   Maxim MAX038 high-frequency waveform generator
IC-PCD3312-DIP   PCD3312 DTMF / musical tone generator
IC-MC145027-DIP   MC145027 addressed remote controller decoder
T-TIP120   NPN power darlington transistor
T-IRF3710   heavy N-channel MOSFET (surplus)
DIODE-BB109   BB109 variable capacitance diode
DIODE-SB140   SB140 schottky diode
TVS-U30V-1500   1.5KE30A uni-directional TVS 30V 1500W/1ms
LCD-02   standard 16*1 LCD, no backlight
LCD-03   standard 16*2 LCD, no backlight
LCD-05   standard 16*2 LCD, with backlight
LCD-06   standard 20*4 LCD, with backlight
LCD-07   standard 20*4 LCD, without backlight
LCD-09   grafisch LCD, I2C, 97x35 pixels, with backlight (surplus)
LCD-10   standard 16*2 LCD module with 3 LEDs and 4 pushbuttons (surplus)
LCD-11   standard 40*2 LCD module with backlight (surplus)
DISP-1   7-segment LED display, red, CC, 13x10x6 mm (surplus)
DISP-2   7-segment LED display, red, CA, 19x13x8 mm (surplus)
DISP-3   7-segment LED display, red, CA, 3.5 digits, 37x15x8 mm (surplus)
DISP-4   10-element green LED bar, 25x10x7 mm (surplus)
DISP-5   7-segment LED display, red, CA, 19x12x8 mm
DISP-7   2-digit 7-segment LED display, green, CC, 22x16x8 mm (surplus)
DISP-8   7-segment LED display, orange, CC, 27x19x9 mm (surplus)
DISP-11   5x7 bi-color dot-matrix LED display, 23x32 mm (surplus)
DISP-12   dual red CC 'start burst' alphanumeric LED display, 21 x 25 mm (surplus)
DISP-14   1-digit 7-segment LED display, orange/red, CC, 19x13x8 mm
LED-2   5 element yellow/red LED bar (surplus)
LED-7-(10)   red rectangular LED (surplus)
LED-8-(10)   green rectangular LED (surplus)
LED-9-(10)   yellow rectangular LED (surplus)
LED-10   SMD LED white (surplus)
LED-10MM-OD   LED 10mm orange diffuse
IR-SFH409   SFH409 IR LED (surplus)
IR-LTE-3271   LTE-3271 IR LED (surplus)
IR-1   IR transmitter with cable and plug (surplus)
USB-SERIAL-1   USB to RS-232 converter
PCB-04   28 pin S0-to-DIP PCB
PCB-05   28 pin SSOP-to-DIP PCB
M-LDR-1   large CDS (light) LDR sensor (surplus)
M-LDR-2   small LDR (light) sensor
M-LDR-3   encapsulated LDR (light) sensor (surplus)
Trafo-1   230/12 Volt trafo, 0.35 VA (surplus)
MOT-02   pager vibrator motor (surplus)
MOT-03   small pager vibrator motor (surplus)
MOT-04   very small pager vibrator motor without weight (surplus)
MOT-05   very small pager vibrator motor with weight (surplus)
MOT-06   very small pager vibrator motor (surplus)
MOT-07   enclosed disk pager vibrator (surplus)
M-LSP-4   flat speaker, 16 Ohm, 1W (surplus)
M-NICAD-AA-(1)   NiCad AA (penlight) 800 mAH
M-NICAD-AA-(4)   4 * NiCad AA (penlight) 800 mAH
M-Wires-Yellow   bag of 100 stripped and bent wires for solderless breadboard (surplus)
S-SB-turkey   sounbox turkey (surplus)
CAM-C3188A-6018   digital camera module C3188A-6018
CAM-EV38A   evaluation board for C3188A digital camere
M-HS15P   Scimarec humidity sensor HS15P
M-MK484-SET   MK484 AM receiver set
IC-ADXL202   +/-2 g Dual Axis Accelerometer (surplus)
PP-Wisp628   PIC 16F648A programmed with Wisp628 software
CLIP40   40-pin DIP clip with 2 missing pins (surplus)
M-NICAD-7V2   NiCad pack 7.2 V 400mAh
T-IRF540-SPL   heavy N channel MOSFET (surplus)
C-22u-SMD-(10)   10 SMD electrolytic capacitors 22uF 35 V
IC-UAA180-DIP   UAA180 12-LED spot/bar-graph driver
IC-ST3232-DIP   ST3232 RS232 transceiver
IC-UM95089-DIP   UM95089 DTMF tone generator
LED-1-(10)   10 3mm LEDs (surplus)
MOT-13   Airpax 12V DC motor with gearbox (surplus)
GPS-03   GPS module with active antenna (surplus)
T-BC850C-SMD-(10)   BC850C general purpose small-signal NPN SMD transistor
IC-L6204-DIP   L6204 dual DMOS full-bridge motor driver
CABLE-BANANA-KROK-(3)   banana-krokodile cables, 3 colors (surplus)
PIC-18F1320-DIP   Microchip PIC 18F1320-I/P (4k FLASH, 4 MHz, DIP-18)
DISP-13   3-digit 7-segment LED display, 3 digits, green/yellow, CA, 30x16x8 mm (surplus)
LED-4   very small red LED, clear (surplus)
TOOL-LOUPE-01   10x loupe (surplus)
IC-TDA7088T-SMD   Philips TDA7088 FM radio circuit for battery power
X-13M5-(100)   100 * 13.5 MHz crystal (surplus)
IC-NE567N-DIP   NE567N tone decoder / PLL
IC-MN3207-DIP   MN3207 1024 stage bucket brigade delay line
IC-MC3479-DIP   MC3479 stepper motor driver
SENS-QRB1134   IR reflex sensor
LCD-18   8-character starburst LCD (surplus)
LED-13   bi-color LED (surplus)
IC-BA6219B-SIP   BA6219B bi-directional motor driver with thermal shutdown
MOD-ENC28J60-1   ENC28J60 Ethernet interface module
S-Soundswitch   sound switch (surplus)
IC-CD40110-DIP   CMOS Decade Up-Down Counter/Latch/Display and 7-segment Driver
DISP-18   7-segment LED display, red, CC, 3x18 mm
IC-S26MD01-DIP   Triac SSR, 0.6A/220V, non zero-cross
MOT-14   Portescap 12V DC motor with gearbox (surplus)
M-LSP-2   flat speaker, 8 Ohm, 400 mW, mylar cone (surplus)
BUZ-04   piezo beeper, with electronics, 3 - 20 V DC
IC-TDA8196-DIP   TDA8196 audio switch and volume control
SW-JS-01   very small joystick-type switch (surplus)
MOT-09   enclosed pager vibrator motor (surplus)
MOT-16   small pager vibrator motor with mounting eye (surplus)
USB-PARALLEL   USB to Centronics printer-port converter
CABLE-RB   probe leads, read and black (surplus)
LED-10MM-RGD   LED 10mm red/green diffuse
X-13M5-(10)   10 * 13.5 MHz crystal + 20 * 20 or 22 pF capacitors (surplus)
IC-PC827-DIP   PC827 8-pin dual optocoupler
SW-1-(1)   OMRON SPST mini tact switch, low (1) (surplus)
SW-1-(100)   OMRON SPST mini tact switch, low (100) (surplus)
IC-MAX233-DIP   Maxim MAX233 RS232 interface chip
L-toroid-01   ferrite core 24mm (surplus)
IC-ILQ1-DIP   ILQ1 quad optocoupler (surplus)
PIC-TINY-ICD2   Olimex tiny in-circuit programmer / debugger (ICD2 clone)
PP-WLoader   PIC 16F877-20/P programmed with WLoader software
LCD-14   standard 40*2 LCD module with backlight, negative contrast voltage (surplus)
AVR-USB-JTAG   isolated USB JTAG interface for AVR development boards
T-2SK246-(5)   general-purpose N-FET
DB014-PCB   DB014 PCB (solder pads for data and power)
DB016-Kit   DB016 kit
DB016-PCB   DB016 PCB
DB016-Build   DB016 build and tested
IC-MMA7260   MMA7260 three-axis accelerometer
LED-TORCH-01   LED torch with dynamo
IC-L4949-DIP   L4949 100mA 5V low-drop regulator with reset
IC-LM10-DIP   LM10CLN op-amp and voltage reference (surplus)
SET-USB   USB set: FT232BM, connector, crystal, EEPROM
T-AC187   GE NPN transistor
IC-XR2206-DIP   XR2206 function generator
CON-LF1S022   LF1S022 Ethernet connector with filters
CON-XF10BASEG   XF10BASEG Ethernet connector with filters
IR-TSOP-56   TSOP1756 56 kHz IR receiver
IR-TSOP-30   TSOP1730 30 kHz IR receiver
ICP-N5   IC protector (fuse), rated 0.25 A
ICP-N38   IC protector (fuse), rated 1.5 A
IC-UPC1490-SIP   UPC1490 remote controller preamplifier
DUMMIES-SET-1   Electronics for dummies set 1
IC-TDA7000-DIP   Philips TDA7000 FM radio circuit
S-SB-halloween   sounbox 'happy halloween' (surplus)
EE-24C01-DIP   24C01 1K (128*8) I2C EEPROM (DIP)
TOOL-LOUPE-02   20x loupe (surplus)
IC-LM35CZ   LM35 precision centigrade temperature sensor, -40..110 C
STEP-01   small 3-phase stepper motor (surplus)
HF-RFM70-D   RFM70-D 2.4 GHz transceiver module
CABLE-D15M-1-8-D15F   DB15 extension cable, 1.8m, male - female
IC-BA6286N-SIP   BA6286N motor driver
L-3-20mH   20mH radial inductor (surplus)
K-WWPSU   simple 5 Volt Power Supply
IC-M51660L   M51660L servo motor driver
IC-BA6209-SIP   BA6209 bi-directional motor driver
DEV-PICkit1   Microchip PICkit1 development kit
SERVO-01   small hobby servo
CABLE-PINHEADER-3-4   pinheader cable, 3 of 4 positions wired, 45 cm
IC-TDA7052-DIP   Philips TDA7052 1W audio brige amplifier (DIP-8)
SW-CODE-1   hexadecimal code switch (surplus)
M-LSP-6   small speaker, 32 Ohm DC (surplus)
IC-TA7666-DIP   TA7666 2 x 5-LED bar-graph driver
EE-24LC64-DIP   24LC64 64K (8k*8) I2C EEPROM (DIP)
KBD-06   3x4 keypad with 1 common and 12 individual contacts
SENS-SRF05   SRF05 US distance sensor
ARM-STM32-P103   STM32F103RBT6 CORTEX M3 ARM board, 128Kb Flash, 20Kb RAM, USB, CAN, etc.
LED-10MM-MOUNT   LED 10mm houder
LCD-23   8x2 LCD module with backlight, uPD7228A controller (surplus)
Olimexino-328   Arduino with ATMEGA328P microcontroller
R-MOT-POT   motorised dual 20k potmeter (surplus)
LED-3   2 element 5x10 mm green LED bar (surplus)
IC-TC77-SMD   temperature sensor with SPI interface
MOT-15   very small pager vibrator motor (surplus)
M-Wires-Set   wire set for solderless breadboard, 140 wires
USB-ISOLATOR-01   USB galvanic isolator
USB-PWR-01   USB to solderless breadboard power
CHARGER-USB-LIPO-01   USB LiPo charger
MOT-17   Faulhaber 12V DC motor with gearbox and encoder (surplus)
ACCU-LIPO-3V7-1AH7   LiPo accu 3.7 V 1.4 Ah
IC-DN6838   DN6838 8 .. 16V Hall sensor
Shield-proto-01   Prototyping shield
LED-1W-WT   1W white power LED
K-DIY-58   IR toggle switch kit
IC-NE572-DIP   NE572 dual compander
T-TIC206   Triac 4A 600V
OLIMEX-MOD-TC   K-type theromocouple interface
OLIMEX-MOD-TC   K-type theromocouple interface
M-SOLDER-4   lead-free solder 0.7mm, Sn99/Cu1, 250gram
IC-NE570-DIP   NE570 dual gain control circuit
IR-TSOP-33   TSOP1733 33 kHz IR receiver
IC-LM338-TO3   adjustable regulator, 5.0 A
IC-FT232BM-SMD   FT232BM USB-to-serial interface chip
T-2N3866   NPN HF medium power transistor
T-2N3553   NPN HF medium power transistor
T-2SC2879   NPN SI RF power transistor
M-NICAD-9V   NiCad battery 9V 100mAh
ACCU-LEAD-12V-1U3   Lead battery 12V 1.3Ah
GPS-01   GPS module (surplus)
LDR-SET-01   bag of ~ 20 LDRs (surplus)
C-T22u   22 uF 16V tantalium elco
DMX-DIMMER-02   4 channel DMX / 0-10V dimmer 230V / 5A / 16A
C-TH-ASS-01   set of 224 ceramic capacitors
Shield-LOL-SMT   Lots-Of-Leds shield, SMT
DISP-9   7-segment LED display, 2 digits, yellow, CA, 27x19x9 mm (surplus)
DISP-10   3-digit 7-segment LED display, red, CC, 19x49x8 mm
KBD-02   low-profile 3x4 keypad (surplus)
M-LSP-07-(2)   compact speaker, 8 Ohm, 30W
R-TH-ASS-02   Metal film resistor set (1%)
KBD-05   25-key foil keypad (surplus)
IC-TDA7330B-DIP   TDA7330B EBU RDS decoder
IC-XR2211-DIP   XR2211 FSK Demodulator / Tone Decoder
CON-LIPO-01   PCB connector for LiPo accu
KNOB-02   black pointer knob for 6mm round or D (half-flat) shaft
IC-LM2575   LM2575T-5.0 step-down switching regulator (surplus)
HF-315-RX-01   315 MHz reciever module
HF-315-TX-01   315 MHz transmitter module
IC-SAA1064-DIP   SAA1064 I2C LED display driver
CON-MICRO-SD-03   SMD MICRO SD connector
SW-19   slider switch, DPDT
K-DIY-1   low-cost 3 digit counter
K-DIY-4   basic fixed + variable power supply
K-DIY-29   code lock kit
K-DIY-32   two-stage FM transmitter kit
K-DIY-50   25 W audio amplifier module kit
K-DIY-63   one-IC AM radio kit
MOD-ENC28J60-2   ENC28J60 Ethernet interface module
M-PERFBOARD-FIBER-100x160   perfboard, holes at 2.54 mm, solder islands on both sides, epoxyd/fiber
USB-SERIAL-03   USB to serial module
CONV-USB-IRDA   USB-to-IrDA converter
MOD-UM232R   FT232RL module
PSU-03   very small mains to USB popwer supply
PSU-03   very small mains to USB popwer supply
MOT-18   Airpax 24V DC motor with gearbox (surplus)
MOT-21   small 3V DC motor
HF-VMR6512   Hi-Fi FM transmitter module
K-DIY-2   LCD temperature display
K-DIY-34   3.5 digit LCD panel meter
K-DIY-51   minature FM transmitter kit
K-DIY-67   DC motor speed controller kit
K-DIY-68   adjustable power supply kit
K-DIY-74   8-relais printer port output kit
K-DIY-83   simple fixed positive / negative power supply kit
K-DIY-87   1W stereo amplifier module kit
K-DIY-89   2 x 10 LED stereo VU meter
K-DIY-100   stereo pre-amplifier and tone-control kit
K-DIY-108   serial isolated I/O module
K-DIY-111   square wave oscillator
K-DIY-118   12-bit A/D kit for parallel port
K-DIY-129   4 digit up/down counter kit
K-DIY-130   infra-red light barrier kit with relais output
K-DIY-143   stereo 10W amplifier kit
K-DIY-145   PC temperature sensor kit, 1 sensor, extensible to 4
K-DIY-149   serial + USB PIC programmer kit
K-DIY-150   USB PIC programmer kit
K-DIY-150-ZIF   USB PIC programmer kit, build, with ZIF socket
K-DIY-166   Bidirectional DC Motor Speed Controller kit
$logo[$pic-diy-kit172] K-DIY-172   Wide Band Synthesised FM Transmitter kit
K-DIY-179   Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver kit
DEV-PICkit2-Starterkit   Microchip PICkit2 development programmer with prototype board
DIODE-BYW98-200   BYW98/200 3.0A diode
JY-LKM1638   8 digit LED display + 8 LED display, and 8 buttons
K-DIY-24   logic probe
LED-USB-01   USB LED lamp
MOD-PLAYBACK-01   sound record/playback module with ISD1820 chip
LED-TH-ASS-02   set of 100 LEDs
PIC-ICD2   Microchip ICD2 in-circuit programmer / debugger
K-DIY-155   stereo tone control kit
MOT-20-(2)   Faulhaber 6V DC motors with gearbox and encoder (surplus)
DHT11-module   DHT11 humidity and temperature sensor module
IC-FT245BM-SMD   FT245BM USB-to-parallel interface chip
MAGN-01   12V 3A electromagnet pull
K-DIY-106   mono 50W HiFi amplifier kit
K-DIY-18   9V FM transmitter
$logo[$pic-usb-serial-4] USB-SERIAL-4   CP2102 USB to serial module
K-DIY-105   mono 18W amplifier kit
LCD-26   1x9 character starburst LCD, 3.3V, I2C
CASTOR-01   small castor 'wheel'
CON-RJ-8-8   RJ45 (modular 8/8, ethernet) PCB connector
R-TH-ASS-04   1/4W resistor set, 7 values, 210 total
TOOL-FLUX-PEN-01   SMD solder flux pen
C-TH-ASS-03   set of 270 small ceramic capacitors
MOT-23-(2)-WIDE   two 100RPM 12V DC motors with gear and broad wheels
MOT-23-(2)-LARGE   two 100RPM 12V DC motors with gear and large wheels
T-BC327-(10)   general purpose small-signal PNP transistor
HF-ESP-NodeMCU-Lolin   NodeMCU v9 ESP8266 module
K-DIY-73   large microcontroller clock kit
CON-ARDUINO-ST   set of stackable connectors for an Arduino shield
MOT-30   small dual 3V DC gear motor
CABLE-USB-1-5   USB cable, 1.5 m, type A - type B
BAT-CR2032-(1)   Li button cell 3V 220 mAh
BAT-CR2032-(5)   Li button cell 3V 220 mAh
BUZ-03   small piezo beeper, with electronics, 4 - 6 V DC
USB-SERIAL-2   USB to RS-232 converter
M-LSP-13   flat small speaker, 16 Ohm
SW-16   pushbutton switch, black, push to break
IC-IR2110-DIP   IR2110 MOSFET H-bridge driver
MOT-08   pager vibrator motor
CABLE-BANANA-KROK-(2)   banana-krokodile cables, 2 colors
CABLE-POW-2M1   short power cable, male, 2.1 mm
BAT-CR1620-(1)   Li button cell 3V 60 mAh
BAT-CR1620-(5)   Li button cell 3V 60 mAh
MOT-10   enclosed pager vibrator motor
MOT-27   vibrator motor
MOT-26   long small pager vibrator motor
LCD-04   24 x 8 LCD with serial interface (surplus)
DIODE-OA95   OA95 germanium diode
M-LSP-10   very flat small speaker, 50 Ohm (surplus)
SHIELD-JS-01   shield with a dual potentiometer mini joystick and 4 buttons
USB-SERIAL-6   CP2102 USB to serial module
IC-MC145028-DIP   MC145028 remote controller decoder
CON-CHAS-J35   metal 3.5 mm connector, chassis, stereo
BAT-CR1225-(1)   Li button cell 3V 50 mAh
BAT-CR1225-(5)   Li button cell 3V 50 mAh
HF-ESP-07   ESP-07 ESP8266 module
SW-8   pushbutton switch, silver look
DIODE-BB121A   variable capacitance diode 1.9 .. 18 pF
TOOL-LOUPE-03   10x loupe
TOOL-LOUPE-04   30x loupe
CABLE-ICD2-ICD2   Connection for ICD2 or Wisp648
T-BF961   dual gate HF N-MOSFET
MOD-MP3-02   MP3 player module
MOD-PRES-02   BMP085 I2C barometric pressure sensor module
M-LSP-12   flat small speaker, 8 Ohm
BATH-1AA   battery holder for 1 AA cell (penlight)
MAGNET-02-(10)   strong rare-earth magnets, 15mm x 1mm
MAGNET-01-(10)   super strong rare-earth magnets, 20mm x 2mm
MAGNET-04   rare-earth magnet with sunken hole, 15mm x 4mm hole 4.2mm
R-TH-ASS-01   Carbon resistor set
GPS-02   GPS module with passive antenna (surplus)
MOT-36   12V DC motor with metal gear and pulley, 60 RPM
MOT-33   small motor with gear train
M-SOLDER-3   lead-free solder 0.7mm, Sn99/Cu1, 100gram
K-DIY-21   two-station intercom
DUMMIES-SET-2   Electronics for dummies set 2 (surplus)
TOOL-IRON-01   230V soldering iron, temperature controlled
USB-PID-(10)   range of 10 USB PIDs
USB-PID-(100)   range of 100 USB PIDs
Drills-1   carbide drills - 10 drill set 0.8 .. 1.7 mm (surplus)
Drills-2   carbide drills - 5 drill set 2.00 .. 4.00 mm (surplus)
Drills-3   Tycom carbide drills - 10 drills 0.8 mm (surplus)

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