two '16*1' LCD's (surplus)

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Code LCD-01-(2)
Description two '16*1' LCD's (surplus)
Documentation LCD-01 HD44780 (pdf)
Availability no longer available

This is an LCD display, probably from a fax machine. The interesting part is the bottom line, which behaves as a standard 16*1 HD44780 display. The display has a backlight (52 tiny green LEDs) but it is readable without it. It needs a negative contrast voltage.

This product is sold by 2, the price is for 2 items.

This is a surplus product. It was obtained from a surplus store, from an inventory or from any other secondary source. You can expect this product to be in good working condition, but it can show signs of being handled, shipped, repackaged etc. The supply of a surplus article can suddenly run out, or the price can change. Get it while it is available.

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