standard 40*2 LCD module with backlight (surplus)

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Code LCD-11
Description standard 40*2 LCD module with backlight (surplus)
Documentation LCD 40*2 BL (Wintek) LCD 40*2 BL (pdf) HD44780 (pdf)
Availability no longer available

This is a standard 2 lines by 40 charcaters LCD display, ST7066 controler (HD44780 compatible), with backlight. Backlight: 420 mA at 4.2 Volt (1.8 Ω series resistor for 5 Volt).

To use the backlight from the 16-pin connection pads you must short J1 and J2 of JP2 (see backside of the LCD).

This is a surplus product. It was obtained from a surplus store, from an inventory or from any other secondary source. You can expect this product to be in good working condition, but it can show signs of being handled, shipped, repackaged etc. The supply of a surplus article can suddenly run out, or the price can change. Get it while it is available.

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