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Enclosed vibration motors
Open vibration motors
Stepper motors
Servo motors
Other motors

Enclosed vibration motors
MOT-37   1027 small enclosed vibration motor, no wires
MOT-41   0834 small enclosed vibration motor with wires
MOT-40   1034 small enclosed vibration motor with wires
MOT-38   1240 small enclosed vibration motor with wires

Open vibration motors
MOT-25   0470 small pager vibrator motor, in plastic sleeve
MOT-39   0840 small vibration motor with wires
MOT-32   0840 small vibration motor, in rubber sleeve
MOT-24   1260 pager vibrator motor
MOT-29   1240 small 1.5V DC vibration motor
MOT-42   vibration motor, no wires

Stepper motors
STEP-03   24V unipolar 4-phase stepper motor (surplus)
STEP-04   24V unipolar/bipolar 4-phase stepper motor (surplus)
STEP-05   5V 4-phase stepper motor with ULN2003 driver PCB
STEP-06   very small stepper motor with worm drive
MOT-31   very small 2-coil stepper

Servo motors
SERVO-02   cheap hobby servo
SERVO-03   small metal-gear hobby servo
SERVO-04   MG996R medium servo
CABLE-SERVO-01   servo extension cable, 30cm (surplus)
SERVO-TESTER-01   simple servo tester

Other motors
MOT-11   Copal HG16-030-AA-00 small geared motor, 6V 450mA (surplus)
MOT-12   24V DC motor with gearbox and wheel (surplus)
MOT-19   small Sanyo 5V DC motor with gearbox (surplus)
MOT-22-(2)   two 7.2V DC motors with gear and wheels
MOT-28   small 2-12V DC motor
MOT-34   small 3V air pump (surplus)
MOT-35   12V DC motor with metal gear, 100 RPM

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