Passive components

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resistors and resistor packs
Polyfuses and IC protectors
LDRs and other light sensors
Inductors and transformers

resistors and resistor packs
R-0R47-2W   0R47 wire-wound resistor 2W
R-SIL4-47   4 resistors in SIL-8 package, 47 Ohm
R-SIL8-220   8-resistor SIL-9 package, 220 Ohm.
R-SIL8-470   8-resistor SIL-9 package, 470 Ohm.
R-SIL8-10k   8-resistor SIL-9 package, 10 kOhm
R-SIL8-22k   8-resistor SIL-9 package, 22 kOhm
R-SIL9-13k-(1)   9-resistor SIL-10 package, 13 kOhm (surplus)
R-SIL8-470k   8-resistor SIL-8 package, 470 kOhm

Polyfuses and IC protectors
Polyfuse-100mA   polyfuse (self-recovering fuse), trips at 200 mA
Polyfuse-1A1   polyfuse (self-recovering fuse), trips at 2.2 A
Polyfuse-SMD-1A25   SMD polyfuse (self-recovering fuse), trips at 2.5 A

LDRs and other light sensors
M-LDR-5   small LDR (light) sensor
M-LDR-7   LDR (light) sensor
T-BPW40   BPW40 Si Phototransistor

C-0805-22p-(25)   25 SMD 0805 capacitors 22pF
C-TRIM-40p   foil trimmer capacitor; 5.5 - 40 pF
C-1n-(10)   10 capacitors 1nF
C-1n-3kv   capacitor 1nF 3kV
C-10n-(10)   10 capacitors 10nF
C-100n-(10)   10 capacitors 100nF
C-1u-(10)   1uF 63V elco, qty 10
C-0805-1u-(10)   10 SMD 0805 capacitors 1uF
C-1206-1u-(10)   10 SMD 1206 capacitors 1uF, 35V
C-1206-10u-(10)   10 SMD 1206 capacitors 10uF, 16V
C-1u-SMD-(10)   10 SMD electrolytic capacitors 1uF 50 V
C-1u-ML-(10)   10 multi-layer capacitors 1uF 50 V
C-2u2-SMD-(10)   10 SMD tantaal capacitors 2.2uF 20 V (surplus)
C-3u3-SMD-(10)   10 SMD 1206 tantaal capacitors 3.3uF 10 V (surplus)
C-4u7-(10)   4.7 uF 35V elco, qty 10
C-22u-(10)   22 uF 35V elco, qty 10
C-22u-16-SMD-(10)   10 SMD electrolytic capacitors 22uF 16 V
C-47u-SMD-(10)   10 SMD electrolytic capacitors 47uF 16 V
C-470u-(10)   470 uF 25V elco, qty 10
C-1000u   1000uF 35V elco
C-2200u   2200uF 35V elco

Inductors and transformers
L-1   small ferrite coil (surplus)
L-2   small ferrite directional coupler (surplus)
L-100uH   100 uH inductor (surplus)
L-220uH   220uH radial inductor
L-330uH   330uH radial inductor
L-470uH   470uH radial inductor
L-680uH   680uH radial inductor
L-6-choke   1.5A dual choke (surplus)
L-7-trafo   2 x 60uH triac trigger coil (transformer) (surplus)
L-8-4m7H   4.7 mH radial inductor (surplus)
L-10-1m7H   1.7 mH inductor (surplus)
L-11   3 x 0.9mH coil (surplus)
L-22uH-250mA-smd   SMD inductor 22uH 250mA

R-TRIM-SMALL-1k   trimpot, 1 kOhm, small, horizontal
R-TRIM-SMALL-10k   trimpot, 10 kOhm, small, horizontal
R-TRIM-SMALL-50k   trimpot, 50 kOhm, small, horizontal
R-TRIM-SMALL-100k   trimpot, 100 kOhm, small, horizontal
R-TRIM-SMALL-1M   trimpot, 1 MOhm, small, horizontal
R-TRIM-1k   trimpot, 1 kOhm, horizontal (surplus)
R-TRIM-10k   trimpot, 10 kOhm, vertical (surplus)
R-TRIM-100k   trimpot, 100 kOhm, horizontal (surplus)
R-TRIM-MIDDLE-1k   trimpot, 1 kOhm, medium size, horizontal
R-TRIM-MIDDLE-100k   trimpot, 100 kOhm, medium size, horizontal
R-TRIM-MIDDLE-1M   trimpot, 1 MOhm, medium size, horizontal
R-POT-1k   potentiometer, 1 kOhm linear
R-POT-10k   potentiometer, 10 kOhm linear
R-POT-20k   potentiometer, 20 kOhm linear
R-POT-100k   potentiometer, 100 kOhm linear
R-SLIDER-10k   slider potentiometer, 10 kOhm linear
POT-JS-01   dual potentiometer mini joystick

R-TH-ASS-03   1/2W resistor set
R-TH-ASS-05   1/4W resistor set, 1%, 20 values, 400 total
C-TH-ASS-02   set of 120 electrolytic capacitors
LED-TH-ASS-01   set of 80 LEDs

R-NTC-1k   NTC resistor 1k
R-NTC-10k   NTC resistor 10k

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