Cables and connectors

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DB connectors, cables, etc
USB cables and converters
Print connectors and headers
flatcables (ribboncables)
PIC ICSP cables
XLR / DMX cables and connectors
Other cables
CENTRONICS connectors
Banana plugs and connectors
Battery connectors and battery holders
Power plugs and connectors
Other connectors

DB connectors, cables, etc
CON-DB09F-SC   DB9 connector, female, solder cups
CON-DB09F-PCB   DB09 connector, female, PCB
CON-DB09M-SC   DB9 connector, male, solder cups
CON-DB09-SHELL   DB09 shell
CABLE-D9M-1-8-D9F   DB9 extension cable, 1.8m, male - female
CON-DB15F-SC   DB15 connector, female, solder cups
CON-DB15F-PCB   DB15 connector, female, PCB
CON-DB15M-SC   DB15 connector, male, solder cups
CON-DB15-SHELL   DB15 shell
CON-DB15H-F-SC   DB15 connector, high density, female, solder cups
CON-DB15H-M-SC   DB15 connector, high denstity, male, solder cups
CON-DB25F-SC   DB25 connector, female, solder cups
CON-DB25M-SC   DB25 connector, male, solder cups
CON-DB25F-PCB   DB25 connector, female, PCB pins
CON-DB25M-PCB   DB25 connector, male, PCB pins
CON-DB25M-H-PCB   DB25 connector, male, PCB version, horizontaal
CABLE-D25M-1-8-D25F   DB25 extension cable, 1.8m, male - female
CON-GC-DB9M-DB25F   DB9M to DB25F adapter

USB cables and converters
CABLE-USB-1-5-A-A   USB cable, 1.5 m, type A - type A
CABLE-USB-1-5-A-MB   USB 2.0 cable, 1.5 m, type A - type mini B
CABLE-USB-5   USB 2.0 cable, 5.0 m, type A - type B
USB-EXT   USB extension (A-male to A-female) cable, 1.8 meter
USB-ACT-EXT   USB active extension (A to B) cable, 5 meter
USB-SERIAL-5   CH340G USB to serial module
USB-SERIAL-7   CH340 USB to serial module (switchable, DTR/CTS)
CABLE-USB-PS2   USB-to-PS/2 keyboard and mouse converter
USB-RS485-01   CH340G USB to RS485 module

Print connectors and headers
CON-ML10-(10)   ML10 PCB connectors (10 ex)
CON-ML16-(10)   ML16 PCB connectors (10 ex)
CON-ML20-(10)   ML20 PCB connectors (10 ex)
CON-ML26-(10)   ML26 PCB connectors (10 ex)
CON-ML40-(10)   ML40 PCB connectors (10 ex)
CON-ML10H-(10)   ML10 PCB connectors, horizontal (10 ex)
CON-ML16H-(10)   ML16 PCB connectors, horizontal (10 ex)
CON-ML20H-(10)   ML20 PCB connectors, horizontal (10 ex)
CON-ML40H-(10)   ML40 PCB connectors, horizontal (10 ex)
CON-CC10-(10)   10-wire ribbon cable crimp connectors (10 ex)
CON-CC16-(10)   16-wire ribbon cable crimp connectors (10 ex)
CON-CC20-(10)   20-wire ribbon cable crimp connectors (10 ex)
CON-CC26-(10)   26-wire ribbon cable crimp connectors (10 ex)
CON-CC40-(10)   40-wire ribbon cable crimp connectors (10 ex)
CON-LPIN-36   36-pin header strip
CON-LPIN-A-40   40-pin header strip, right angle
CON-LPIN-13x2   13 x 2 pin header strip
CON-LPIN-40x2   40 x 2 pin header strip
CON-LPIN-A-40X2   2x40-pin header strip, right angle
CON-CUP32   32-element (wire) cup strip
CON-CUP40   40-element (wire) cup strip
CON-CUP2x13   2x13-element (wire) cup strip
CON-QPIN20   20-pin round pin strip
CON-QPIN32   32-pin round pin strip
CON-LCONTRA-20   20-position contra strip
CON-LCONTRA-A-20   20-position contra strip, right-angle pins
CON-LCONTRA-10x2   10x2-position contra strip
CON-LCONTRA-13x2   13x2-position contra strip
CON-LCONTRA-17x2   17x2-position contra strip
CON-LCONTRA-A-17x2   17x2-position contra strip, right-angle pins
CON-CONTRA-2X6-2MM   2x6 position contra strim, 2mm spacing
CON-CONTRA-NOKIA-SMD   2x5 SMD connector for Nokia LCDs

flatcables (ribboncables)
CABLE-RC10   10-wire ribbon cable, gray, 1 meter
CABLE-RC-C-10   10-wire ribbon cable, colored, 1 meter
CABLE-RC16   16-wire ribbon cable, gray, 1 meter
CABLE-RC-C-16   16-wire ribbon cable, colored, 1 meter

PIC ICSP cables
A-Cable-DB15-ML16   Wisp628 programming cable to Dwarf Boards ML16 connector
A-Cable-DB15-MDM   Wisp648 programming cable for the MDM-1 display
A-Cable-DB15-wires   Wisp648 programming cable to solderless breadboard

XLR / DMX cables and connectors
CON-XLR3-CABLE-MALE   XLR 3 pole male cable connector
CON-XLR3-CABLE-FEMALE   XLR 3 pole female cable connector
CON-XLR3-CHAS-MALE   XLR 3 pole male chassis connector
CON-XLR3-CHAS-FEMALE   XLR 3 pole male female chassis connector
CON-XLR3-FEMALE-FEMALE   XLR 3 pole female-female converter
CABLE-DMX-2M5   DMX extension cable, 2.5m, male - female

Other cables
CON-BP-BLACK   connector and wire binding post, black
CON-BP-RED   connector and wire binding post, red
CON-BP-GREEN   connector and wire binding post, green
CABLE-BNC-PROBE-(1)   LF312 Oscilloscope probe
CABLE-BNC-PROBES-(2)   LF312 Oscilloscope probes
CABLE-BNC-PROBE-02   40 MHz osciloscope probe (surplus)
CABLE-PINHEADER-5-5   pinheader cable, 5 of 5 positions wired, 50 cm (surplus)
CABLE-POWER-RB   power connect cable, two parts, 30cm total (surplus)
CABLE-SERVO-01   servo extension cable, 30cm (surplus)
CABLE-J35-MM   stereo audio cable, 3.5 mm jacks, 1.2 m, black
CABLE-J35-EXT   stereo audio cable, 3.5 mm jack + contra, 2.5 m, black
CABLE-J35-EXT-5   stereo audio cable, 3.5 mm jack + contra, 5.0 m, black
CABLE-PS2-EXT   PS/2 keyboard or mouse extenstion cable, 1.8 m
CABLE-PS2-3-MM   PS/2 (keyboard or mouse) cable, 3.0 m, male connectors2
CABLE-TULP-MM   Tulp (RCA) cable, male connectors, 1.5 m
CABLE-TULP-2-MM   Tulp (RCA) stereo cable, male connectors, 1.5 m
CABLE-PC-POWER-T   PC power T cable (one male, two female connectors)
CABLE-BNC-BNC   BNC-to-BNC cable, 2m
CABLE-BNC-KROK   BNC-to-krokodile cable, 1m
CABLE-KROK-KROK-(5)   krokodile-krokodile cable, 5 colors
SHIELD-EKG-EMG-PA   EKG/EMG passive electrodes

CENTRONICS connectors
CON-CENTR-F-SC   CENTRONICS connector, female, solder cups
CON-CENTR-F-PCB   CENTRONICS connector, female, PCB pins

Banana plugs and connectors
CON-BANANA-01-BLACK-(10)   10 low-cost banana connectors, black
CON-BANANA-02-RED-(10)   10 low-cost banana connectors, red
CON-BANANA-03-SOCKET-BLACK   banana socket, black
CON-BANANA-04-SOCKET-RED   banana socket, red

Battery connectors and battery holders
BATH-4AA   battery holder for 4 AA cells (penlights)
BATH-2AA   battery holder for 2 AA cells (penlights)
BATH-4AAA   battery holder for 4 AAA cells (mini-penlights, micro, R03)
BATH-2AAA   battery holder for 2 AAA cells (mini-penlights)
BATC-9V   battery clip for a 9 Volt battery
BATH-C12   SMD battery holder for a 10 mm diameter button cell
BATH-C19   battery holder for a 19/20 mm diameter button cell
BATH-C20   battery holder for a 19/20 mm diameter button cell
BATH-C24   battery holder for a 23 mm diameter button cell

Power plugs and connectors
CON-POW-PCB-2M5   power connector, PCB, female, 2.5 mm pin
CON-POW-PCB-2M1   power connector, PCB, female, 2.1 mm pin
CON-POW-PCB-1M0   power connector, PCB, female, 1.0 mm pin
CON-POW-CH-2M5   power connector, chassis, female, 2.5 mm pin
CON-POW-CH-2M1   power connector, chassis, female, 2.1 mm pin
CON-POW-2M5   power connector, male, 2.5 mm
CON-POW-2M1   power connector, male, 2.1 mm

Other connectors
CON-CARD-01   smart-card connector
CON-J00-0045NL   J00-0045NL Ethernet connector with transformers and LEDs
CON-RJ-8-8-2   dual RJ45 (modular 8/8, ethernet) PCB connector block (surplus)
CON-RJ-6-6   RJ45 (modular 6/6) PCB connector
CON-PCB-PS2   PS/2 connector, PCB
$logo[$pic-con-ps2-ps2] CON-PS2-PS2   PS/2 female-female connector
CON-J35   3.5 mm connector, stereo (surplus)
CON-SW-J35   3.5 mm connector, PCB, stereo, switches
CON-JACK-3M5   jack connector, male, stereo, 3.5 mm
CON-CHAS-BNC   BNC connector, panel mount
CON-BNC-BNC   BNC-BNC connector
CON-TULP-(5)   RCA connector, bag of 5
CON-HALO-01   Halogen lamp connector
CON-MINICLIP-BLACK   mini test clip, black
CON-CLIP-BLACK   test clip, black
CON-MICRO-SD-01   SMD MICRO SD connector
POGO-01   pogo pin, conical head
POGO-02   small pogo pin, pointed head
POGO-03   small pogo pin, pointed head
SC-02   screw connector, 2 pole
SC-03   screw connector, 3 pole

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