Dwarf Board products

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Dwarf Board related products

DB009-PCB   DB009 PCB (for 8 small LEDs)
DB010-PCB   DB010 PCB (for 8 x 5mm LED)
DB011-PCB   DB011 PCB (for analog inputs)
DB012-PCB   DB012 PCB (for 4 + 4 switches)
DB017-PCB   DB017 PCB (LCD connection)
DB021-PCB   DB021 PCB
DB022-PCB   DB022 PCB
DB046-PCB   DB046 PCB
DB047-PCB   DB047 PCB (for 28-pin PICs)
DB057-PCB   DB057 PCB
DB061-PCB   DB061 PCB - RFM70/RFM73 breakout

DB009-Kit   DB009 8 small LEDs kit
DB010-Kit   DB010 8 x 5mm LED kit
DB011-Kit   DB011 analog inputs kit
DB012-Kit   DB012 kit 4 + 4 switches
DB017-Kit   DB017 kit (LCD connection)
DB021-Kit   DB021 kit
DB022-Kit   DB022 kit
DB046-Kit   DB046 kit
DB047-Kit-NOUSB   DB047 kit without PIC, for non-USB PICs (surplus)
DB047-Kit-USB   DB047 kit with 18F2550 (surplus)
DB057-Kit   DB057 kit, no PIC

DB009-Build   DB009 8 small LEDs build and tested
DB010-Build   DB010 8 x 5mm LED build and tested
DB011-Build   DB010 analog inputs build and tested
DB012-Build   DB012 4 + 4 switches build and tested
DB021-Build   DB021 build and tested
DB022-Build   DB022 build and tested
DB038   DB038 experiments board, ready to use
DB046-Build   DB046 build
DB047-Build-NOUSB   DB047 28-pin PIC board, built, for non-USB PICs (surplus)
DB047-Build-USB   DB047 board with 18F2550 (surplus)

Dwarf Board related products
PP-18F252-ZPL   PIC 18F252-SP programmed with ZPL firmware
A-Cable-DB15-ML16   Wisp628 programming cable to Dwarf Boards ML16 connector
CON-ML10-(10)   ML10 PCB connectors (10 ex)
CON-CC10-(10)   10-wire ribbon cable crimp connectors (10 ex)
CABLE-RC10   10-wire ribbon cable, gray, 1 meter

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