USB to RS-232 converter

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Description USB to RS-232 converter
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This is a standard USB to RS-232 converter using a Prolific chip. It can for instance be used to connect a Wisp648 programmer to a PC that has no (free) serial port. Complete with software on CD, the package states: for win95, 98, 98ME, 2K, XP, MAC OS 8.6 / 9.0). The USB cable is short (28 cm). The foto shows a blister which might be removed to fit in the package.

USB-SERIAL-2 is a compareable adapter, on Windows XP it can work with the same driver, so it is probaly internally identical.

A customer informed me that the CD also contains drivers for
MacOS 10.1.x (PL2303MacXDrv_1_0_0_0.pkg)
MacOS 10.2.x (ProlificUSBSerial_1.0.4.pkg)
MacOS 10.1(2).X (ProlificUSBSerial105.pkg)
And he stated that for MacOS 10.3.x (aka Panther) you can download the driver (ProlificUSBSerialOSX1.0.6.pkg) from

As far as I know this converter is compatible with the Manhattan converter.

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