touchpad with PS/2 interface (surplus)

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Description touchpad with PS/2 interface (surplus)
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This is a touchpad (active area 48 x 64 mm) unit, probably intended for a laptop. The size of the full unit is 72 x 117 x 6 mm, which includes two (left and right mouse) buttons. The bottom side of the unit has a small 4-pin connector with the standard PS/2 interface signals.

Customers have informed me that they could not get "tapping" to work as expected on modern notebooks.

If you want a connection cable: take a CABLE-PS2-EXT and cut the female connector.

This is a surplus product. It was obtained from a surplus store, from an inventory or from any other secondary source. You can expect this product to be in good working condition, but it can show signs of being handled, shipped, repackaged etc. The supply of a surplus article can suddenly run out, or the price can change. Get it while it is available.

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