IC sockets

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low-cost sockets
quality (round pin) sockets
ZIF sockets

low-cost sockets
DIP-08-L-(5)   5 * low-cost 8-pin DIP IC socket
DIP-14-L-(5)   5 * low-cost 14-pin DIP IC socket
DIP-16-L-(5)   5 * low-cost 16-pin DIP IC socket
DIP-18-L-(5)   5 * low-cost 18-pin DIP IC socket
DIP-20-L-(5)   5 * low-cost 20-pin DIP IC socket
DIP-28-L-(5)   5 * low-cost 28-pin DIP IC socket, narrow model
DIP-28W-L-(5)   5 * low-cost 28-pin DIP IC socket, wide model
DIP-40-L-(5)   5 * low-cost 40-pin DIP IC socket

quality (round pin) sockets
DIP-08-Q-(5)   5 * high-quality 8-pin DIP IC socket
DIP-14-Q-(5)   5 * high-quality 14-pin DIP IC socket
DIP-16-Q-(5)   5 * high-quality 16-pin DIP IC socket
DIP-18-Q-(5)   5 * high-quality 18-pin DIP IC socket
DIP-28-Q   high-quality 28-pin DIP IC socket, narrow model
DIP-40-Q   high-quality 40-pin DIP IC socket

ZIF sockets
DIP-ZIF28   small 28-pin ZIF socket
DIP-ZIF28W   wide 28-pin ZIF socket
DIP-ZIF40   40-pin ZIF socket (surplus)

DIP8-CLIP-SOIC8   DIP8 to SOIC8 socket-cable-clip

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