Ethernet products

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PIC-18F67J60-TQFP   Microchip PIC 18F67J60 (64k x 16 FLASH, Ethernet, 40 MHz, TQFP64)
IC-RTL8019AS-SMD   RTL8019AS Ethernet controller
IC-ENC28J60-DIP   ENC28J60 SPI Ethernet controller
IC-ENC28J60-SMD   ENC28J60 SPI Ethernet controller
MOD-ENC28J60-3   ENC28J60 Ethernet interface module
MOD-ENC624J600   ENC624J600 Ethernet interface module
ETH-POE-01   simple power over ethernet injector
EE-24AA02E48-SOIC   24AA02E48-SOIC 2K (128*8) I2C EEPROM (DIP) with unique Ethernet addres
CON-J00-0045NL   J00-0045NL Ethernet connector with transformers and LEDs
CON-RJ-8-8-2   dual RJ45 (modular 8/8, ethernet) PCB connector block (surplus)
C-1n-3kv   capacitor 1nF 3kV

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