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This an RS232 temperature sensor module. The module connects plugs directly into a 9-pin PC serial port. A 1 meter cable is attached to the module. The sensor plugs into this cable. CABLE-J35-EXT cables can be used to increase the distance between the module and the sensor (tested with up to 10 cables). It is not recommended to use serial extention cables between the sensor and the PC. The module is powered from the PC serial port.

This module is compatible with the Kitsrus kit K-DIY-145, but it accepts only 1 sensor. A 4-sensor version is available on request.

This module contains software by created by, available from his webpage under GPL license. The temperature sensor is a IC-DS18B20 .

The module is powered by the DTR line of the serial port, so this line must be high (positive). The dataformat is 2400/8/N/1. The XWisp command to receive the data is
xwisp dtr + term 2400

d:\wouter>xwisp com1 dtr + term 2400
XWisp 1.30, command line mode
TERMinal at raw port, 2400 baud (ESC ESC to exit)
R V1.1 C
1 0020.56
1 0020.56
1 0020.62
1 0020.62
1 0020.62

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