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Arduino-Uno-R3   Arduino Uno R3 (clone) board
Arduino-Mega2560   Arduino Mega2560 (clone) board
Arduino-Due   Arduino Due (clone) board
Arduino-Nano   Arduino Nano (clone) board
Arduino-Pro-Mini   Arduino Pro Mini (clone) board (16MHz, 5V)
Lilypad-Arduino   Lilypad Arduino (clone) board
Lilypad-AtTiny85   Lilypad AtTiny85 (clone) board
Olimexino-STM32   Maple-like board with STM32F103RBT6 microntroller
PIC32-Pinguino-MX220   Arduino-like board with PIC32MX220F032D microntroller
PIC32-Pinguino-Micro   Arduino-like PIC32MX440F256H microntroller

Shield-LOL-10MM-RED-ASM   Lots-Of-Leds shield, 10mm RED
Shield-LOL-10MM-BLUE-ASM   Lots-Of-Leds shield, 10mm BLUE
Shield-LOL-10MM-WHITE-ASM   Lots-Of-Leds shield, 10mm WHITE
MOD-LED8x8   8x8 LED matrix
SHIELD-EKG-EMG   EKG/EMG exeperiments shield
Shield-proto-02   Prototyping shield with small breadboard
shield-vs1053-01   VS1053 MP3 player shield

CABLE-USB-1-5-A-MB   USB 2.0 cable, 1.5 m, type A - type mini B
SHIELD-EKG-EMG-PA   EKG/EMG passive electrodes

other items.
MOD-I2C-SHIFT-01   I2C level shifter board
MOD-DISP-KEY-01   8-digit LED display and 8 buttons
MOD-DISP-KEY-02   8-digit LED display and 16 buttons
MOD-DISP-01   8x8 LED matrix display
RELAIS-006   5V relais module
RELAIS-007   5V 4 relais module
RELAIS-008   5V 2 relais module
BT-SERIAL-01   Bluetooth serial interface
SENS-ALCOHOL-01   MQ3 alcohol sensor module
SENS-HARTBEAT-01   fingertip hartbeat sensor
SENS-PIR-01   PIR (passive infrared) motion sensor
USB-VI-DISPLAY-01   USB voltage/current display
STEP-05   5V 4-phase stepper motor with ULN2003 driver PCB
LCD-25   Arduino LCD and buttons shield (surplus)
LCD-5510   NOKIA 5510 84*48 B/W LCD, white BG
LCD-5510-BLUE   NOKIA 5510 84*48 B/W LCD, blue BG
LCD-5510-BLUE   NOKIA 5510 84*48 B/W LCD, blue BG
LCD-128   128 * 128 SPI color LCD
USB-SERIAL-5   CH340G USB to serial module
USB-SERIAL-7   CH340 USB to serial module (switchable, DTR/CTS)
AVR-USBasp   AVR USB asp programmer
MOD-MIC-01   microphone board
MOD-TSL2561-01   TSL2561 light-intensity sensor
MOD-TCS3200-01   TCS3200 color sensor
MOD-RDA5802E-01   RDA5802E FM receiver module
MOD-VK16E-01   VK16E (SIRF3) GPS module
MOD-DHT11-01   DHT11 humidity sensor
MOD-BH1750-01   BH1750 light intensity sensor
MOD-SI7021-01   Si7021 humidity sensor module
LOADCELL-01   50kg half-bridge loadcell
strain-gauge-01   BF350-3AA strain gauge
Lilypad-LED-WHITE-01   Lilypad white LED
Lilypad-BUTTON-01   Lilypad pushputton switch
Lilypad-SWITCH-01   Lilypad slider switch
Arduino-Nano-Breakout   Arduino Nano to screw terminals breakout board

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