To use a PICmicro controller you will need at least two tools:


A compiler or assembler to translate your application source code to the standard (.hex) format that can be downloaded to the chip.

The Jal compiler is such a tool.


A programmer (or another way) to download the .hex file into the chip.

WISP, Wisp628 and Wisp648 are programmers. Wisp648 is available as kit or build PCB from my shop. The other designs (WISP and Wisp628) are obsolete and shown here only for historic reasons.

WLoader is a so-called bootloader (a program, running in the PICmicro itself, that communicates with your PC, accepts an .hex file and loads it in the - remaining - memory of the chip).

XWisp is a windows program that handles the communication with Wisp, Wisp628 or WLoader. The Wisp tool is a (older) DOS/Windows command line that serves the same function.