What is a PICmicro?

PICmicro is the brand name for a family of microcontrollers manufactured by
Microchip. The PIC acronym stood for Peripheral Interface Controller, but recently Microchip has renamed their chips to PICmicro. Within this family the flash-microcontrollers (16x84, 16f62x, 16f87x) are ideal devices for hobbyists and low-volume professionals because:
  These chips are relatively cheap and easy to get.
  These chips can be programmed and re-programmed electrically with simple circuits, and without the need for an UV-eraser (they contain EEPROM or Flash-ROM);
  Data sheets, application notes and (assmbler) development software is freely available from Microchip;
  There are lots of web pages devoted to these controllers, including (free) designs for simple programming hardware.

Resources on this website

On this website you can find a number of PICmicro resources:
  Start With PICs: read this before you start using PICs
  Tools: a compiler (Jal), programmers (Wisp, Wisp628) and an alternative for using a programmer (WLoader)
  Projects: some designs that use a PIC
  Miscellaneous: some other stuff, including a simple course for starting with the - now obsolete - 16x84

Resources on the web

Microchip Microchip: for PICmicro datasheet, application notes, the MPLAB assembler development environment.
Ubicom Ubicom: for SX datasheet, application notes etc.
The PIClist website (follow the PIC FAQ link) contains a wealth of information and links to resources. When you can not find what you are looking for on the site you can always ask your question on the list itself.

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The PICmicro webring links more than 100 PIC-related websites.

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The SX is a PIC clone on steriods manufactured by Ubicom. A typical PIC runs at 5 MIPS maximum, SX chips run at 50, 75 or 100 MIPS. The SXwebring links a number of SX-related websites.

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The Embedded webring links sites about embedded computing in general.
DonTronics Dontronics sells various PIC boards (simmsticks!) and other PIC-related things.