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2011-10-09 : C++ on microcontrollers 1 - introduction, and an output pin class

Sources for the example programs:

2011-10-24 : C++ on microcontrollers 2 - LPCXpresso, LPC-link, Code Sourcery, lpc21isp, linkerscript, LPC1114 startup

  lpc_link_run.bat batch file to use lpc-link from the command line (I prefer the alternate method, using lpc21isp)
  lpc21isp.exe : blink project for LPC-expresso LPC1114, using Code Sourcery toolkit

2011-11-02 : C++ on microcontrollers 3 a first shot at an hc595 class with 8 output pins LPCXpresso LPC1114 + base board : blink segment 2 of the 7-segment display, set( p, n ) interface idem, original output_pin interface idem, target has function that returns a pin LPC1114 with three HC595 chips in cascade

2011-11-12 : C++ on microcontrollers 4 input pins, and decoding a rotary switch ( using LPCXpresso LPC1114 + base board ) : input (rotary encoder) to LEDs (2 of the 7-segment segments) ( using LPCXpresso LPC1114 + base board ) : show rotary count on 7-segment display