Dwarf Boards - the clever microcontroller building blocks

This page, including all linked documents and other files, is available as a single zip archive.


Dwarf Boards is a set of boards that can be combined in very flexible way to create the hardware for your project. Dwarf Boards are cheaper and more flexible than evaluation boards, and much easier than building custom hardware.


The documentation is in Adobe PDF format. Reader software can be downloaded from Adobe's website at http://www.adobe.com.

descriptions of the available Dwarf Boards

DB001.pdf 40-pin controller board
DB009.pdf 8 small LEDs
DB010.pdf 8 LEDs 5 mm
DB011.pdf analog inputs: potentiometers, LM35, LDR
DB012.pdf pusbutton and DIP switches
DB013.pdf one seven segment display
DB014.pdf 8 + 3 solder connections
DB016.pdf 28-pin controller board with power and ZPL
DB017.pdf LCD interface

Dwarf Notes

DN001.pdf introduction, overview and reference
DN002.pdf   dbjal.zip Jal library
DN003.pdf   source   hex Blink a LED in Jal on DB016
DN004.pdf   source   hex kitt-style display in Jal on 22 pins of DB016
DN005.pdf   source   hex copy BUS_B to BUS_C in Jal on DB016
DN006.pdf   source   hex simple analog input in Jal on DB016
DN007.pdf   source   hex count on a seven segment display in Jal on DB016
DN008.pdf   source   hex 'hello world' in Jal on an LCD on DB016
DN009.pdf   source   hex read 5 analog inputs, show on LCD, in Jal on DB016

development tools

The Jal compiler used for the Dwarf Notes is a modified version of the compiler available from SourceForge. These modifications will be fed back to the SourceForge effort. Both the pre-compiled distribution and the source for of the compiler are available.

jal.zip Jal compiler distribution for Dwarf Boards (includes the dwarf board specific library files)
jalsrc.zip Jal compiler sources

The DB016 has on-board hardware for the Zero Pin Loader (ZPL) bootloader for 18Fxxx chips. All information about ZPL is available as archive. Note that the use of the ZPL PC software requires a the installation of a Python interpreter, and on Windows also the Win32All extensions. Both can be obtained from www.python.org.

zpl.zip ZPL archive

28-06-2004 There is a bug in the PCB of the DB001 (up to version 1.04): the ICD2 jack connector is connected backwards. See the DB001 document for details.

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