16x84 assignments - index

16c84 chip 16c84 pinout

These assignments are a translation of the originals which were meant for the memebers of the Dutch DJO (De Jong Onderzoeker ~= The Young Engineer/Explorer) Amersfoort to get some experience with the 16x84 microcontroller. The descriptions use the Jal compiler and the Wisp programmer. Using another programmar is no problem (but you will have to find out for yourself how it must be used). Using another programming language will be difficult. The hardware is meant to be build on a solderless breadboard to make quick modifications possible. The whole set of assignments, including the programs can be downloaded as zip archief. I did not translate the identifiers in the programs to english, so you migh find the supplied programs a little bit different from what the assignments ask you to write.

introduction: basic explanations and the basic schematics needed for all assignments.

jal: summary of the JAL programming language

1 blink: starts with blinking a single LED, gradually expanded to a simple traffic light system for two crossing roads with buttons and lights for pedestrians.

2 walking light: 8 LEDs are used to produce various effects

3 switch: a LED and a pushbutton switch are used to construct a timer and a code lock.