a dwarf board for 28-pin PIC chips

The DB047 board hosts an 28-pin PIC chip and an 7805-based 5V power supply. All PIC pins and the 5V are accessible both on three Dwarf Bus connectors, and on wire cups. The board has a green power LED, and a yellow LED that can be connected to RA0. ICD2 and Wisp648 style connectors are provided for In-Circuit programming. For USB PICs like the 18F2550 the board contains an USB connector. More details can be found in the manual.

  DB047 manual, A4

The DB047 is availabe as boare PCB, as a kit, or built. For the kit and built versions there are two options. On is without a PIC, with the components suitable for use with a non-USB PIC chip like the 16F8856 or 18F2520. The other option contains a 18F2550 chip pre-programmed with an USB bootloader, and the components for assembling the board accordingly. The bootloader .hex file, the PC application, and all sources can be found below. It is a slightly modified version of the Diolan bootloader. The bootloader is provided under GPL license.

  PC command-line tool for downloading
  bootloader sources

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