a PIC experiments board

The DB038 combines an USB PIC programmer (Pickit2 compatible) with a target PIC chip (16F887) and bunch of peripherals (LEDs, displays, keypad, sensors, etc). This combination makes it an ideal all-in-one board for a PIC course. This board is available from my webshop.

  DB038 manual, A4, 1-on-1
  DB038 manual, A4, 2-on-1
  db038-clib.zip version 2.00

The links from the chapter 'external links' in the manual:

  Microchip website
  PIC 16F887 datasheet
  PIC 16F887 errata
  Pickit2 1.20 firmware
  Pickit2 1.20 application (also contains the user manual)
  FT232RL datasheet
  FT232RL VCP driver
  CD4051 datasheet
  24C01 EEPROM datasheet
  TCN75 datasheet
  UDN2981 datasheet
  DS18S20 datasheet
  TSOP173x datasheet
  uA7805 datasheet
  L6202 datasheet
  LM358 datasheet

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