Maxim MAX232 or equivalent, + 4 * elco

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Code IC-232-DIP
Description Maxim MAX232 or equivalent, + 4 * elco
Documentation MAX232, icl232, hin232, st232
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This is the standard RS232 <=> TTL interface chip with the accompanying elco's (1 ..10 uF). This chip is often used for PIC <=> PC communication.

This chip is in a DIP housing. Suitable sockets are DIP-16-L-(5) (low-cost, flat pins) or DIP-16-Q-(5) or (high-quality, round pins)..

DIP-ZIF28 is a ZIF socket that could be used with this chip.

This is a generic component, which means that the component you buy can be from any manufacturer that produces this component. There can be small variations is the exact specifications.

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