Januari 2003

I have released the source of the current Jal compiler (version 04-50, which is 04-50 with some small changes) under GPL. It can be downloaded here.

My motivations for doing so are:

You might ask: is this good for the Jal users? Honestly, I don't know. On the negative side, I will feel less pressure to fix problems, but I have not been very active recently on that front anyway. On the positive side there will probably be Jal versions for every computer / OS combination that has a C compiler, and maybe some people will start improving the compiler. We will have to see...

The compiler source is just one part. I also have a set of tests, but I must check and maybe remove the user-supplied test codes for which I don't have the rights. I expect to release the tests in a month or some.

Before you start blaming me for the unreadable, one-big-file source: this is how I wrote the compiler, I never intended it to be readable by anyone but me. And yes, it is full of dead ends, stopgap repairs and other ugly details.

Please use the jallist (see main jal page) for questions about the Jal compiler. If the volume of such questions warrants it I will create a separate mailing list for it.